Unique Baby Names

Unique baby names are more stylish AND more accepted now than they were a generation ago. There are many more baby names in use now than there were 20 or 30 years ago, with fewer children receiving the most popular baby names and more babies getting names that are unique, rare, unusual.

Unique and unusual baby names come in many different varieties, from vintage to modern, exotic to invented. There are unique names in virtually every category you can think of: unique ancient names, unique place names, unique nickname-names, unique surname-names, ultra-feminine unique names for girls and strong unique names for boys (and vice versa, of course).

Here are some of the main groups of unique names and some of our favorite examples from each.

unique baby names

Unique Vintage Names for Girls

Vintage baby names have risen to the top of the popularity charts, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot more unique vintage baby names hiding out of site, especially for girls. Here are some of our favorites.

Unique Vintage Boy Names

Boys’ names tend to hold their places on the popularity list, either top OR bottom, longer, with less movement up and down. Still, there are plenty of vintage names that are both unusual and classic and work well for modern baby boys. Browse some of our favorites here:

Unique New Baby Names for Girls

Modern baby names can include everything from nature names and place names to surnames turned into first and completely invented names — plus much more! Because they are not traditional baby names but instead are newly-created, many modern baby names are by definition unique (until everybody gets the same idea and the name is used too widely). Here are some of our favorite unique modern baby names for girls.

New Names for Boys

There are fewer unique modern baby names for boys than there are for girls — but there are still thousands and thousands. Occupational names, surnames, and word names seem especially well-suited for use for boys. Here are some of our favorite unique modern baby names for boys.


Unique Unisex Baby Names

unique baby names

Many unique baby names can be used for both sexes, given that they have no traditional identification as either male or female. Word names, place names, day names, nature names and so on transcend gender identity and so make excellent rare gender-neutral baby names. Here’s a selection of some of the best in this group.


Unique Celebrity-Inspired Names for Girls

From the days of Shirley Temple through today’s era of Solange and Zooey, the unique celebrity names–both first and sometimes surnames–of female stars have inspired parents with names of their daughters. Parents may also be inspired by unique celebrity baby names and by unique names of characters in books, TV, and movies. Here are some of the most unique celebrity-inspired names for girls.


Unique Celebrity Names for Boys

Celebrity surnames make especially good inspiration for unique boys’ names. Some unusual celebrity first names can work for modern boys too. The unique names here are drawn from a wide range of celebrity sources. They include unique athlete names, literary names, and celebrity baby names and character names along with the names of adult celebrities.


Unique International Baby Names

Unique names are not limited to native choices: in fact, some of the most interesting appellations are international imports. The following examples of unique international names have a heavy dose of appealing foreign flair. International name lists are an excellent source of names that are unusual yet rooted in tradition. You can choose a name from a culture that reflects your ethnic heritage or one you merely admire.



Unusual Baby Names A to Z

Here’s an alphabetical guide to unique baby names, showing what an infinite variety of names is open to the adventurous baby namer looking for an unusual choice. We’ve also included here many of the unique names that we love but that we couldn’t quite fit into any other category!


Arbor, Azaiah, Aziza


Benilde, Birch, Bravery


Casper, Clancy, Cosima


December, Dream, Dune


Echo, Eliora, Eulalia


Fia, Field, Frost


Griffith, Grover, Geneva


Harriet, Hart, Holiday


Ilaria, Inez, Ivo


Jedidiah, Jocasta, Jupiter


Kalila, Kermit, Kezia


Leonides, Lilac, Lux


Marine, Mazarine, Morrison


Newlyn, Niven, Noemi


Omar, Ondine, Oriana


Phaedra, Penn, Pike


Quarry, Quincy, Quint


Ramona, Redmond, Romulus


Sarita, Sidonie, Socrates


Tamar, Thornton, Toril


Ulysses, Undine, Urban


Vaughn, Venezia, Viveca


Walden, Waldo, Wilhelmina


Xanthe, Xen, Xenia


Zebulon, Zephyr, Zuzanna