Do You Want A Truly Unique Name?

Do You Want A Truly Unique Name?

A lot of people use the term unique baby names when what they really mean is unusual baby names.  Names such as Romeo, Romilly, and Roxana may be distinctive, attractive, and uncommon, but they’re hardly unique.

But what about those names that truly are unique, as in one-of-a-kind?

Along with checking out which names were most popular on nameberry so far this year, we took a look at the names that were searched just once last quarter – nameberry’s own truly unique baby names.

Of course, there were many more unique baby names on nameberry, but these are our picks for the cream of the seldom-searched.

Might one be right for your truly unique baby?

Unique Girl Names

  • Abelia

  • Adalie

  • Adara

  • Amelisa

  • Celinda

  • Destin

  • Garnett

  • Georgeanna

  • Morgane

  • Neely

  • Sabra

  • Tallie

  • Tarin

  • Unique Boy Names

  • Abelard

  • Arjan

  • Art

  • Benno

  • Blaize

  • Bronnen

  • Casen

  • Clifton

  • Cord

  • Fred

  • Jago

  • Kean

  • Lamar

  • Parson

  • Rolando

  • Zavion

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    Pamela Redmond

    Pamela Redmond

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