Top Unisex Names 2011

This year for the first time we’ve calculated a list of top unisex names 2011: names listed on Nameberry for both genders that are winning the highest number of page views.

Unisex name popularity is always tricky: Aren‘t most parents searching for top names Harper and Quinn interested in those names for girls?  We believe they are, and if those two names were counted in the girls’ tally, they’d rank among the Top 20.

But in fact, some parents are interested in Harper and Quinn as boys’ names, and many of the other names on this list — Sawyer, Rory, and Riley, say — may be considered equally for both genders, while choices such as Parker or River may be used more often for boys.

Here are the top unisex names 2011 on Nameberry.

Nameberry’s Top 25 Unisex Names, 2011

moving up quickly

1. Harper
2. Quinn
3. Rowan
4. Avery
5. Sawyer
6. Rory
7. Riley
8. Emerson
9. Finley
10. Dylan
11. Luca
12. Micah
13. Sasha
14. Emery
15. Nico
16. Peyton
17. Remy
18. Blake
19. Aubrey
20. Sage
21. Parker
22. Carter
23. River
24. Teagan
25. Cameron

Don‘t forget to guess #101 on the boys’ and girls’ popularity lists in the Comments section of the past two days’ blogs on Nameberry for a chance to win a signed copy of our book Beyond Ava & Aiden!

*UPDATE!  Unfortunately no one guessed our #101 for girls, which is Isadora.  Two people guessed the boys’ #101, Griffin.  Congratulations!

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