Top Christmas Baby Names, Ranked!

Top Christmas Baby Names, Ranked!

Christmas baby names may be the most popular birthday-related names of the whole year.

Parents expecting babies around the holidays are constantly asked whether they plan to name their children Holly or Noel, and baby name websites (not namin’ names) advise Christmas names ranging from Holiday to Melchior.

But what Christmas names are parents really considering? To find out, we pored over our search statistics for the month of December. Here are the Christmas baby names attracting the most attention, in order of popularity:

1. Ivy Beyonce may have something to do with the new dominance of Ivy as the Number 1 Christmas baby name.

2. Clara The name of the little girl in The Nutcracker takes the Number 2 spot.

3. Lucy — Names meaning light relate to the holiday season, and Lucy along with Lucia, Lucas, and Lucian all rank highly. In Sweden they celebrate St. Lucy‘s — or Santa LuciaDay as an important element of the holiday festivities.

4. EvangelineAngel-related names rank highly during the holidays. Other popular choices include Seraphina and Gabriel.

5. NoelleNoelle, French for Christmas, ranks Number 5.

6. ScarlettScarlett is the quintessential Christmas color.

7. NovaNova may mean new, but it’s also the sudden appearance of a bright new star. Several other star-related names rank among the most popular at this time of year, including Astra and Estelle.

8. EvieChristmas Evie? That may be the 2019 way to go.

9. ColeChristmas‘s ultimate bad boy.

10. Eira — This Welsh name meaning snow is newly on the hot list.

11. Natalie Natalie means “birthday of the Lord” and is popular at Christmas and also the rest of the year. Natalia is also popular at Christmas time.

12. Joseph — The name of the carpenter who was the husband of Mary, the mother of Christ.

13. Amaryllis — On a non-religious note, the Amaryllis is a gorgeous flower that blooms at Christmas time.

14, Nico — Old Saint Nico has a new namesake. Nicholas is also popular.

15, Belle — The Christmas bell.

16. Melody — Has picked up where Carol has left off.

17. KaneCandy?

18. Magnolia The magnolia flower and leaves are associated with Christmas, especially in the American south.

19. Jovie — The name of the adorable elf played by Zooey Deschanel in Elf is a new Christmas favorite.

20. Neve The Italian and Portuguese word for snow.

21. Lux– A new spin on light names.

22. Lumi Another snow-related name, this one from Finland.

23. Dorothy — Yes, Dorothy, there is a Santa Claus.

24. Holly — At last! Holly may no longer be the favorite Christmas name, but it’s hanging in there.

25. ClarenceClarence is the name of the guardian angel in the Christmas classic movie, It’s A Wonderful Life.

26. Emerald — A companion for Scarlett.

27. Joy — What we wish for you this holiday season.

28. Christina — One of the OG Christmas names, still ranked highly.

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