Top Christmas Baby Names, Ranked!

Top Christmas Baby Names, Ranked!

Christmas baby names, from the old-school Holly to the freshly-coined Holiday, are the most popular birthday-related names of the year.

But which Christmas names are parents really considering for their children in 2022?

To find out, we pored over our search statistics from Black Friday until now. The results: a new roster of top Christmas names that reflect larger trends in baby naming.

What's up this year compared with last: Several new names that mean light on the list, including Lucian, Lucius, Lucia, and Elena. Beatrice, Astrid, Casper, Mira, and Jonah are all new to the Top 25.

At the same time, some of the more traditional Christmas names fell off the list. Goodbye, Jasper, Mary, Natalia, Jovie, Eva, Scarlett, Rowan, Eira, and Lumi.

Here are the top 25 Christmas baby names attracting the most attention this year, in order of popularity

Top Christmas Baby Names

1. Theodore

This stodgy grandpa name turned cool classic boys' name means "gift of god".

2. Felix

Felix means happy or joy, perfect for a Christmas boy.

3. Clara

The name of the little girl in The Nutcracker takes the Number 3 spot.

4. Asher

Old-Testament choice meaning "blessed", "fortunate", or "happy one".

5. Josephine

Joseph, the name of Mary's carpenter husband and Jesus's stepfather, is a classic name for boys', but the feminine form Josephine is more popular with Christmas namers.

6. Lucy

Names that mean light relate to the holiday season, and Lucy along with Lucia, Lucas, and Lucian all rank highly. In Sweden, they celebrate St. Lucy‘s — or Santa Lucia — Day as an important element of the holiday festivities.

7. Beatrice

Beatrice's meaning of blessed or "she who brings happiness" makes this a Christmas name.

8. Clementine

Oranges are a traditional Christmas stocking gift, and Clementines are a fine substitute.

9. Evangeline

Angel names rank highly during the holidays. Other popular choices include Seraphina and Gabriel.

10. Astrid

The Scandinavian Astrid is a royal name that means "divinely beautful".

11. Lucian

Lucian, which is rising through the ranks, is another name meaning light.

12. Nico

Old Saint Nico is the 2022 spin on Nicholas.

13. Stella

This names meaning star represents the Star of Bethlehem.

14. Claire

Claire qualifies as Christmas-y because of its light-connected name and its relationship with Clara.

15. Juniper

Trendy winter berry name that's gender-neutral.

16. Lucius

Another name from this trending light-connected category.

17. Casper

All names with the Cas- beginning are trending now, and Casper is the name of one of the Three Wise Men.

18. Esther

Esther means star, an enduring symbol of Christmas.

19. Kit

Kit is a cool nickname for Christopher, a Christ-related name.

20. Bennett

Bennett means "blessed".

21. Elena

The Pan-European Elena means "bright, shining light".

22. Ivy

Beyonce and Jay-Z, who named their daughter Blue Ivy, may have something to do with Ivy becoming one of the top Christmas baby names.

23. Mira

The multicultural Mira has a meaning of peace in several languages. It's also reminiscent of Mary.

24. Lucia

Lucia is another name meaning light that also calls to mind the Festival of Santa Lucia, which is at the beginning of the Christmas season.

25. Jonah

The Biblical Jonah has the peaceful meaning of "dove".

What's your Christmas name? Take our quiz and find out. We got Rudolph Jolly Mistletoe and it's so us.

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