The Most Popular Girls of 1914: Where are their names now?

At the beginning of the year, we like to flip back the calendar a hundred years to see what the baby name landscape looked like a century ago. 1914 was a year in which World War I was in full swing, the year that President Wilson officially established Mother’s Day, Charlie Chaplin and Babe Ruth made their debuts, and saw the births of Dylan Thomas, Jonas Salk and Joe DiMaggio.But the babyname universe was relatively calm, as we can see by looking at the stable top dozen girls’ names. Here, they are, in order of their 1914 popularity, and what their status is today:


In 1914, the New Testament Mary was in no danger of giving up her top spot, which she had held for hundreds of years and would continue to occupy for another 36. There were 45,000 little Marys born that year—5.6% of all girls--whereas though Mary is now at a still respectable Number123, it was given to just over 2,500 girls in the last year counted.

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