Sweet Girl Names With New Style Power

October 5, 2017 joesatran
By Joe Satran Nice girls don't always finish last -- at least when it comes to baby names. Sure, many newly fashionable girls' names are either tomboyish (Isabella). But a countervailing trend is starting to emerge. In the past few years, girls' names with a distinctly sweet image have started to gain favor with discerning parents. These names feel vintage-y without being grandma names. They may be associated with great authors or books, but they never sound pretentious. There's nothing edgy about them, but they also aren't boring. They suggest a young woman who radiates quiet dignity, someone smart and charming but not overly eager to please. You can find names that fall into this category, to a greater or lesser extent, throughout the U.S. popularity list, starting with the Top 100 in the U.K. and look poised for huge success in the U.S. as well. Munro to "In Wonderland," we'd be surprised if it didn't climb to those heights again soon. Bea makes it easier to use. Wales, and even higher in European countries from Germany to Spain. Darcy has been growing fast, and should enter before long. Sweden. Wales, though, it's an astonishing Number 31, which shows there's plenty of room for it to grow here. Felicity is in the Top 400 in the U.S. and the Top 100 (if just barely) in the U.K.. Its literal meaning -- a profound state of happiness, approaching bliss -- is just about as positive as it can be, yet it manages to avoid feeling like a virtue name. Daisy. Donnell's longtime enmity with the President will only make it more appealing in certain circles. Sweden and beyond. And given the way it's been soaring up the charts in the U.S., don't be surprised if it joins those heights here before long.

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