Spring Baby Names Inspire Optimism

March 19, 2020 Pamela Redmond
spring baby names

Spring baby names that embody the fresh, green, uplifting feeling of the season may help dispel the gloom of this particular spring. These may be dark days, but choosing a name for a new spring baby can be an exercise in optimism.

When considering names for spring babies, a good starting point are the names of the month and the season itself. 

SPRING – The mid-century actress Spring Byington, who played the grandma on a television show of my youth, was one of my early influences in the world of baby naming.  I’d never heard of anybody named Spring, but the whole idea was intriguing.  If you could name a baby Spring, why not….well, just about anything else?  Still an unusual, sprightly choice, and a lot more acceptable now than it was in the 1960s.

MARCH, APRIL, and MAYMay (or Mae, or Mai for that matter) is definitely the most fashionable of these choices, lovely as a first name or a middle.  March is the only one of the three that might work for boys, and makes an adventurous first for girls.  April gets an update with a tranlation to Avril or Abril). Easter is a fresh holiday name, or you might choose Pascal or Pascoe, which mean Easter. 

Spring Nature Names

Spring nature names are all, or at least mostly, about the flowers. Along with longtime favorites Lily and Daisy, you might consider these nature names celebrating spring flora, fauna, and weather.

BLOSSOM — Quirky old-fashioned name that references both flowers and newness.
FLORIAN — Boy name meaning flowering.
LEAF — Gender-neutral spring nature name
LILAC — May’s signature flower name
OONA or UNA — Means lamb, one of spring’s favorite animals
OSTADAR — Basque name for boys meaning rainbows
TULIP — Eccentric flower name emblematic of spring.
ZENEBE — African boy name meaning raining

Names That Mean Spring

These names literally mean spring in different languages and cultures.

BAHAAR – Hindi name meaning springtime, for girls
CAROUN – Armenian girl name meaning springtime
CERELIA – Name of Latin origin meaning springtime, for girls
GEN – Japanese girls’ choice meaning spring
HARUKI – Japanese name meaning spring for boys; Haruki Murakami is a wonderful novelist
PRIMAVERA – Italian name with literal spring meaning, for girls
RABIAH – Arabic girls’ name meaning spring
VASANT – Sanskrit boys’ name meaning spring
VERNA — Another Latin girls’ choice meaning springtime

Names That Mean New

Names meaning new relate to spring’s fresh start.

DAGNY — Scandinavian girl name meaning “new day”
NEO – The name of Keanu Reeves’ Matrix character, meaning new, is used for boys and girls
NEON — If Neo isn’t, well, new enough for you, try this gender neutral name..
NEWLAND or NEWLYN – Boys’ name Newland is most famous as the protagonist of Edith Wharton’s Age of Innocence; Newlyn is a forward-looking girls’ version. Both have new in the meaning
NOUVELShiloh Pitt’s middle name, for a French architect, can work for girls or boys
SIGNE or SIGNY – This Scandinavian girls’ name means “new victory”
XAVIER et al – This newly-hip Basque name meaning “new house” is Javier in Spanish. The similarSpanish names for girls are Xaviera or Javiera.
ZELENKA – Czech girls’ name that means fresh and innocent

Names That Mean Green

Names with green meanings reference spring’s green leaves and grass.

BERYL – Old-fashioned pale green gemstone name that’s beginning to enjoy some fresh life itself.  Berilo is the attractive Spanish male version.
CHLOE – Name meaning “young green shoot” that’s tops throughout the UK and Europe and is rising in the US as well–now in the Top 10.
EMERALD – Ultimate green gem name
JADE – Stylish and edgy choice that hasn’t really lost its gleam
MIDORI – The name of both a Japanese violinist and a green liqueur
PERIDOT – Another green gem name, for the adventurous
PHYLLIDA or PHYLLIS – Names that mean “green bough,” with Phyllida way out in front in the style race.
VERDE or VERDI – Could work for either boys or girls

Go here for even more spring baby names.

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