Spring Flower Baby Names

March 17, 2016 Linda Rosenkrantz

Nothing signals the end of a long, harsh winter more than the first bursts of color popping up in the garden. Or—if you’re a city dweller, it might be the whiff of fragrant lilacs wafting up from the vases lined up in grocery store sidewalk displays. Many of these flowers have wonderfully evocative names, from the popular Lily to the more exotic Azalea. Here are 10 of the most appealing.By Linda Rosenkrantz


Identified by its distinctively aromatic scent and lovely clusters of starry white flowers, the jasmine is in bloom from spring through fall. Jasmine’s name got a big boost via the Princess in the 1992 Disney film Aladdin, keeping it in the Top 50 till 2009. It’s currently at Number 100.


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