40 Unique Baby Names

40 Unique Baby Names

A lot of people say they’re looking for unique baby names, but what do they really mean? A lot of the names tagged as unique often are anything but, including popular choices from Avery to Zoey.

So does unique mean different, as in names that depart from the traditional lexicon? Or maybe unique indicates names that have become widely-used only recently. Or names that are spelled differently from how anyone else has ever spelled them. And of course many people simply use unique to mean unusual names.

But what if unique really means what it says: names that are literally one-of-a-kind. As in, no other babies were given this name, at least at this moment in this country. In the case of the US, that means names that don’t even make it to the Social Security complete list of names given to at least five babies.

The baby names here make that cut. So yes, theoretically, some of these names may have been used for two or four babies in the United States in 2015. And some of them may have been used for zero.

The point is, if you’re truly looking for unique baby names and want to make sure that nobody else has your name, then you’ll look to this list. Or to the thousands of other names on Nameberry that are authentically unique.

To hunt down unique baby names, check your favorites against the Social Security complete list, which you can download here by clicking on National Data. You can also find thousands of unique names in our book, The Nameberry Guide to Off-the-Grid Baby Names.

Once you find a unique baby name you love, then the question becomes: Do you really want to use it? Do you want your child to be the only person anyone has ever met with that name? For your child to spend a lifetime explaining and spelling and pronouncing his or her name? For there never ever to be a license plate on the rack that spells out that maybe-too-special name?

Maybe the answer is yes, and you feel that the advantages of a unique name — always standing out from the pack, feeling special and well, unique — outweigh the disadvantages. If so, you may find inspiration in the 40 truly unique baby names here.

Unique Girl Names

  • Agacia

  • Beeja

  • Benilde

  • Donita

  • Fana

  • Freesia

  • Ianthe

  • Indre

  • Jessamy

  • Jocasta

  • Kelila

  • Leocadia

  • Lucasta

  • Meriall

  • Morven

  • Neith

  • Nephele

  • Parmenia

  • Sheba

  • Tanith

  • Unique Boy Names

  • Abraxas

  • Arto

  • Aurelian

  • Avi

  • Basie

  • Beecher

  • Bridge

  • Carew

  • Cyrano

  • Darrow

  • Drystan

  • Erasmus

  • Gower

  • Halian

  • Nelo

  • Swithun

  • Tancred

  • Tudor

  • Valerian

  • Vidar

  • Now it’s your turn: What truly unique baby names do you know and love and want to add to this list? What can you tell us about them?

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