Question of the Week: What names did you nix?

Recently we asked the Nameberry facebookers (Have you joined yet?  Better hurry on over there) to tell us which baby names they’d loved that their partners nixed.

The question prompted a flood of comments, with 65 (and counting) berries weighing in on which beloved names their partners banished from consideration, and why.

Linus,” said Megan Wilt Peterson.  “I think Larabee, he thinks Peanuts.”

“Most people will agree with my husband but I loved Forsythia and I was going to call her Thia,” wrote Lori Stevens Nicholas.

Deidre Grofski was more persistent than most, but still lost out.  Her favorite: “Matthias– not just once but 5 times…..(yes, I thought I could wear him down!)”

Now it’s time to turn the tables.  What name did you partner like that YOU turned down?  And why?

That’s right, let’s hear all of your partner’s (supposedly) dumb name ideas and the reasons you put the kibosh on them.

And if you have a baby naming question of your own you’d like the group to address next time, please send it to  Thanks!

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