Portmanteau Names: How to smoosh your sibset

Portmanteau Names: How to smoosh your sibset

by Tiana Putric

It’s official, portmanteaus – words created by combining parts and meanings of two or more words –  have slipped into almost every part of our lives. We have become expert word blenders joining words (chocoholic), couples (Brangelina), foods (Cronut), meals (brunch), languages (Spanglish), labels (screenager), tech terms (vlog), recreational activities (glamping), clothing (skort), countries (Tanzania), baby names (Gracelynn), and dogs (Labradoodle); the list is endless.

Word mashups have definitely changed the way we communicate: they’re catchy, creative, and convenient. I wonder, have we name nerds overlooked this linguistic art? Most parents do not utilize portmanteaus when referring to their brood, but I think parents and children could have a lot of fun creating solo and sibset name blends.

Here are a few sibset portmanteaus I dreamed up using names trending on Nameberry. Enjoy Berents (Berry + parents)!

Rose + Elizabeth = Rosabeth

Amelia + Cora = Amora

Abbey + Annalee = Abbalee

Harvey + Watson = Hartson

Declan + Archer = Decler

Day + Elliot = Dayell

William + Finn = Winn or WillFinn

William + Olivia = Willivia

Lila + Lucas = LiLu

James + Hazel = Jamaze

Lucy + Campbell = LuBell

Milo + Isla = Mila

Mercury + Meera = MeMe

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Tiana Putric

Tiana Putric

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