Poet Names: Chaucer, Cullen & Kipling

It’s National Poetry Month, the perfect moment to celebrate the bards and bardesses of the past and present, a surprising number of whom just happened to born with birth-certificate-ready surnames. In addition to those below, there are other great choices like Auden, Eliot and Emerson, Lowell, Millay, Nash, Owen, Poe, Reese and Schuyler, but we’ve picked what we think are the best poet names for now.


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Alfred Lord Tennyson was one of the most popular English poets of all time, the Poet Laureate throughout most of Queen Victoria’s reign. Russell Crowe made the bold choice of Tennyson as the name of his younger son, and you have only to hear the brawny actor speak tenderly of “Tenny” to see the great charm the name possesses.

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