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November 12, 2013 Pamela Redmond

You may have noticed an updated and improved feature on Nameberry recently: Most name pages now include a list of other suggested names.

If you like the unusual Welsh name Cadogan, for instance, you might also like Harrington, Lanier, and Adonis (really?) for boys, and Arianwen and Delancey for girls.

Or at least, according to millions of name ratings, other people who liked Cadogan also liked Harrington and Arianwen and the others.

I’ve become, okay, kind of obsessed with these name relationships, partly because they seem uncannily accurate and partly because they can be so surprising.  Clicking through on a trail of names I like, I’ve discovered lots of new selections that I also like but may not have considered before.

Sure, many of the related names are what you might expect: People who like Nameberry favorite Charlotte, for instance, also like Adelaide, Amelia, Eleanor, and Violet — more of our highly-favored names for girls.

But pick a name that’s a little more unusual, and the connections become more fun and surprising.  People who liked Benno, for instance, a German saint’s name meaning bear, also liked Cairo, Neith, and Odile for girls, Galileo, Ogden, and Philo for boys (along with a handful of other intriguing suggestions).

This can be an excellent way to expand your list of name ideas and also to hunt for sibling names, starting with the name of your older child.  Or of course, just to compare your own baby name style with the tastes of others.

Our challenge to you today is to nominate one name whose relatives you find particularly appropriate, intriguing, provocative, intuitive — awesome.  List the name and its ten relatives in the comment space.  If  you want to tell us why you love it, great, but that’s not necessary.

Everyone who contributes will be entered for a chance to win one of our gorgeous botanical initial prints by artist Frances Pelzman Liscio.  The prints, valued at $49, are available in the initial of your choice on a black, peach, or ivory background.

Although the winner will be chosen at random, not by quality of the entry, please look for and find the set of names you think is best, for our mutual enjoyment!  No duplicates, please, and only one entry per person.  Contest closes at midnight on Wednesday, November 13.

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