French variation of German Otthild
"prospers in battle"

Odile Origin and Meaning

The name Odile is girl's name of French origin meaning "prospers in battle".
Odette's evil Swan Lake twin -- gives the name a sinuous, sensuous appeal.

Odile Popularity

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Famous People Named Odile

  • Saint Odile of Alsace (8th century)French abbess of Hohenburg
  • Odile Versois (born Étiennette de PoliakoffBaydaroff), French actress
  • Odile DecqFrench architect
  • Odile CrickBritish artist and wife of biologist Francis Crick who drew the double helix structure of DNA
  • Odile GilbertFrench hairstylist
  • Odile RodinFrench actress and final wife of Porfirio Rubirosa
  • (Eone) Odile HaringtonSouth African revolutionary

Odile in Pop Culture

  • Hurricane Odile (2014)
  • Odile Churcha main character in Church of Marvels by Leslie Parry