Nickname Names for Boys

by Pamela Redmond Satran

A friend of ours recently named his baby Jake.  Not Jacob, just Jake.

Why name the kid Jacob, he and his wife reasoned, when they weren’t really crazy about it and intended to call the little boy Jake all the time anyway?

Nickname names have become increasingly popular and fashionable for children of both sexes over the past handful of years, in both the U.S. and the U.K.  They’re evidence of a new informality along with a rebellion against putting a formal name on the birth certificate just because you’re supposed to.

Popular nicknames names for boys in the U.S. include the following, all in the Top 350:

Liam (6 — originated as a short form of William)

Jack (46)

Jace (86)

Alex (98)

Max (105)

Jake (153)

Andy (274)

Johnny (281)

Drew (282)

Jax (305)

Beau (311)

Frank (319)

Ty (349)

In Britain, where nickname names are even more popular than in the U.S., the Top 100 list for boys for 2012 includes the following nickname names (with their standing in parentheses):

Harry (1)

Jack (3)

Charlie (4)

Alfie (7)

Max (18)

Archie (23)

Jake (33)

Freddie (38)

Theo (44)

Toby (49)

Liam (50)

Tommy (55)

Bobby (57)

Jamie (63)

Frankie (66)

Ollie (73)

Louie (79)

Other cool nickname names for boys you might want to consider include:


Names that sound like nicknames but really aren’t include:

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