Nameberry Challenge: Name Affleck baby #3!!

The news is out–even if it hasn’t been formally announced–that the soon-to-arrive third Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck baby will be a boy. This provides us all with a perfect opportunity to display our sibset-crafting skills. 

I think all will agree that the couple made gorgeous (and trend-setting) choices for their two girls–Violet Ann and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth.  The challenge: choose a boy’s name that is equally original and that would blend well with his sisters’.

Possible clues: Violet, her mother and both her grandmothers share the middle name of Ann(e), so middle-name sharing is a strong tradition in the family.  Ben‘s middle?  Géza.  Also on the male side, Jen‘s father is William John, Ben‘s is Timothy Byers.

So let’s have your best guesses for a first and one or two middles for this baby boy.

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