My Little Pony Names: Equine options from Rider to Roan

My Little Pony Names: Equine options from Rider to Roan

By Meagan at Tulipbyanyname

Saddle up and enjoy some names for the equine enthusiast!

Horses are considered one of the world’s most beautiful and beloved creatures. I remember the thrilling feeling of freedom I felt my first time riding a horse. There is something spiritual and intuitive about these majestic beings that we as humans really connect to.

Whether you love riding, racing, or just enjoying the beauty of these glorious animals, I’ve got some names for you!

One way to tie your passion for horses in is through the meaning of a name. Philip, Philippa, and Pippa all have Greek roots and share the meaning “lover of horses”. Perfect for a future horse lover! These names also lend themselves to spunky nicknames such as “Flip”, “Flicka”, “Pip”, and “Pippy”.

If the letter P isn’t for you, you might also consider Eowyn. Eowyn is a literary name invented by J.R.R. Tolkien meaning “horse lover”. A fitting choice if you love horses and The Lord of the Rings.

If you enjoy color names like Scarlett and Violet you might also look to horses for inspiration! Bay is one of the most common colors for a horse’s coat. Bay horses have reddish brown hair paired with a black mane, tail, and lower legs. Bay is a one syllable unisex name with a soft sound that may also remind you of water.

Roan could also make an interesting name choice for your little buckaroo. Roan horse’s coats have an even amount of white hair mixed in with another color. This creates a lovely color contrast to their solid colored head, mane, legs, and tail. Roan reminds me of other names people are enjoying right now, such as Ronan, Rowan, and Rohan.

Gray is another unisex name used to describe a horse’s coat. Gray horses usually have black skin with a blend of black and white hair. There are numerous breeds of Gray horses that sometimes appear nearly white in color. I really enjoy Gray as a first or middle name, and so do many celebrities. Jenna Von Oy named her daughter Gray Audrey.

If you’re looking for something even more unique you might consider Sorrel. Sorrel is a common color name used to describe a horse that has a reddish or copper hue with a red base. Sorrel is also a botanical name for an edible perennial herb. This name is sure to be a conversation starter.

When I think about horses, I also think of the men and women that care for them. These occupational names would also make cool choices for your little horse lover. Baylor is both a surname and an occupational name meaning, “horse trainer”. I could see this name on the daughter or son of a horse whisperer. It sounds a bit like a smush of the names Taylor and Bailey. Could Baylor be the next Taylor or Bailey?

Marshall is another name that doubles both as a surname and an occupational. Marshal means “one who looks after horses”. There are many notable men named Marshall, but this name reminds me of the character Marshall Eriksen from the show How I met your Mother.

Rider has a current modern feel and fittingly means “horseman”. Although not as popular as the spelling Ryder, both conjure images of a person riding a horse. I also think of a paddock judge calling out “Riders up” before a horse race. Actor Rider Strong of Boy Meets World fame wears this name well.

Wrangler may remind you of a jeep or of blue jeans. A wrangler is also someone who is in charge of horses and often other animals such as cattle. The name Wranger has a country western sound to me. It’s hard not to picture this name on a jean-clad cowboy.

A lesser known choice is Eachann. Eachann has Gaelic roots and means “keeper of the horses”. Although Eachann is pronounced AK-an it’s often anglicized to Hector for the Greek Trojan warrior and horseman. Eachann may be unfamiliar to many and therefore hard to pronounce in the U.S.

A horse’s markings are helpful in identifying them. Two common markings are the Blaze and Star. A Blaze is white stripe that goes down the center of the horse’s face. The blaze generally runs from the horse’s forehead to their nose or mouth. Blaze is a word name and an alternative spelling to Blaise. The z in the middle gives this name a little extra zip.

A Star on a horse usually looks a bit more like a spot or dot than a star. Stars are white markings of various sizes found on the horse’s forehead between or above the eyes. Star is a word name that feels fit for a soap opera. In fact, Star Manning is a character on the soap opera One Life to Live.

Still looking for the perfect name for your little equestrian? Here are a more names to consider. Colt was one of the first names that popped into my mind for this category. A colt is a word name used to describe a young male horse. One of the more literal names on this list, Colt has a similar sound and style to Cole. Colt has a very current, straight forward vibe.

Destry has a rich western charm to it. Fittingly, this was a surname used in a 1939 Western film, Destry Rides Again. In addition to the western image, Destry means “war horse”. Steven Spielberg used this name for one of his daughters in 1996.

Fans of horse racing will recognize the name Zenyatta. Zenyatta is a magnificent retired American champion Thoroughbred. I had the pleasure of attending a few of her races. She was named after the album Zenyatta Mondatta by The Police. Zenyatta is easily the boldest name on this list.

The Breyer Company has been making beautiful model horses since 1950. These delightful replicas are both toys and collectables. Breyer is an old German surname. With more and more surnames being used as given names, Breyer would be an uncommon yet familiar sounding choice.

Derby can refer to a bowler hat, a surname, or in this case a horse race. The Kentucky Derby is an famous race held in Louisville, Kentucky the first Saturday in May. As a name, Derby has a quirky sound and means, “park with deer”. Derby is definitely a name I’d connect to horse racing.

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