Mellow Yellow Baby Names: Sunny names for summer

July 27, 2017 Linda Rosenkrantz

By Linda Rosenkrantz

The color yellow is certainly one of the cheeriest in the crayon box, and in this sunniest of seasons, you may want to impart that optimistic vibe via the name of your summertime babe. These range from golden-toned names like Aurelia and Goldie to sun-related Soleil and Sunny to the bright yellow blossoms found in the garden. Here are our twelve best yellow names.


From a Scottish surname meaning yellow in Gaelic (it has other meanings as well), this would be a subtle nod to the cheery color. A unisex name a la Blake and Blair, Blaine had a huge surge of popularity in the 1880s (when tied to a presidential candidate); it now ranks at #690. It was the name of the dreamboat character in Pretty in Pink, also appearing in Glee. Trivia tidbit: Jennifer Lawrence has a brother named Blaine.