Irish Boy Names: Best new choices

March 12, 2015 Linda Rosenkrantz

Irish boy names have ranked on the US popularity list since Patrick emigrated in the 1800s. Irish names continued to be popular for boys through the BrianRyan and SeanShane eras right up to 2013, when Liam hit second place.
But who’s next? We looked at Ireland’s top names to suss out the likeliest candidates, listed in order of their native popularity. (Pronunciations are given when needed, but don’t forget how we all managed to learn how to say Seamus and Siobhan!)
Which of the most popular Irish boys’ names are most likely to make it in the US?  Our analysis:


Pronounced KEE-an, Cian ranks just outside the top 10, at Number 11 on the Irish list. It was the name of several ancient legendary figures, including the father of Lugh, the sun god. Possible cheat that would make it easier to grasp in the US: Spelling it Kean or Keen.


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