Beautifully Named January Berrybabes!

Beautifully Named January Berrybabes!

by Linda Rosenkrantz

A short but sweet posse of Berrybaby announcements were entered on the forum in the month of January. First to catch our eye was the gorgeously named pair of twin boys, Kit Arthur Duncan and Tommy Valentine Orson. And speaking of Kit, there were actually two of them—one boy and one girl.  Definitely a nickname name to watch!

The full list:


CORDELIA SCARLETT RAE, sister of Aria Lang Wilkes

Cordelia’s name is in honor of multiple family members. Cordelia is in honor of Great Grandmother Shirley and a nod to my favorite literary character from childhood Anne ShirleyScarlett is a family surname and a nod to her dad’s favorite movie, Gone with the Wind.  Rae is my middle name and a nod to grandfather Raymond.”

FLORENCE ROSEMARY, sister of Beatrice Annette

“She was either going to be Adelaide or Florence.  When she was born, we knew she was a Florence.”


Noreen is my late grandmother’s name who I owe all my life’s happiness, tenderness and love to.  Gala is Old Norse for Singer and I love the celebratory tone of it.  We will call her Gal for short.”

JUNIPER DAISY, sister of Otis Wilder

Juniper was a name we both loved and we will be shortening it to Juni.  We had 3 clear middles to choose from: Goldie, Grey and Daisy and when we saw her we just knew she was Juniper Daisy.”

KIT PENELOPE, sister of Eve Peregrine

Kit is named after generations and generations of women called Catherine in my maternal family including me and my mother Cathy. Her middle name came to us when we realized my Nanna’s name Nell and my husband’s great aunt’s name Lola can be smooshed into one.  Trumps any other name we could have thought of! We also like that both of our daughters have P middle names, and the subtle animal pattern we’ve started (Kit and Peregrine).  We are really glad we could honor the important women in our lives with our other little girl’s name.”

NAOMI WREN, sister of Levi Tait and Anya Jeannette

Naomi is a name that I’ve loved for a while, meaning pleasant.  We found middle name Wren and fell in love with it…To me it reminds me of when Jesus talked about caring for the birds and providing the food they need…So I love that imagery”


EDMUND AMBROSE (Ned”), brother of Margaret Ruth, Anne Marcella and Peter Bartholomew

The name means “immortal protector of wealth.” With four kids under 7 years old we’ll need the extra protection.”

GRANT MICHAEL, brother of Vera Catherine

“We were team green, so it was a very exciting moment when we finally met him, and to finally decide on a name. Grant, we just love, and Michael is dad’s middle.”

KIT ARTHUR DUNCAN, twin of Tommy Valentine Orson

THOMAS PATRICK, brother of Stewart MacDonald, Gilbert Martin, Adaline Beatrice, John Henry Barrett, Ceridwen Louise and Esther Margaret Laura

“We’ve always loved the happy sound of Patrick, and Thomas is a strong and friendly name.”

TOMMY VALENTINE ORSON, twin of Kit Arthur Duncan

“My husband named Kit and I named TommyArthur and Orson both mean bear—we love these names and the subtle link between them! We chose Valentine (“healthy”) and Duncan (“warrior”) for their meanings, too—we thought they would be great for our little fighters.”

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Linda Rosenkrantz

Linda Rosenkrantz

Linda Rosenkrantz is the co-founder of Nameberry, and co-author with Pamela Redmond of the ten baby naming books acknowledged to have revolutionized American baby naming. You can follow her personally at InstagramTwitter and Facebook. She is also the author of the highly acclaimed New York Review Books Classics novel Talk and a number of other books.