Intrepid Baby Names: Taking names in new directions

Intrepid Baby Names: Taking names in new directions

By Meagan at Tulip By Any Name

Choose your own name adventure with names off the beaten path–so if you’re looking for some new name direction, here are  some perfect choices for your little explorer!

AtlasThere’s a lot of buzz in the baby name world right now around the name Atlas. In 2013 Atlas came in at #789, the most popular that this name has ever been in the United States! Atlas is a word name for a book of maps, as well as the name of a Greek God. Actress Anne Heche used the name Atlas for one of her sons. I expect to see this name rise in the coming years.

NorthWe can’t talk about the name North without mentioning celebrity baby North West. In 2013 Kanye West and Kim Kardashian made headlines when they named their daughter North West. The pair reportedly picked the name North as a metaphor for up, rising, and being the highest star. As a name, North reminds me of the 1994 film, North, starring a young Elijah Wood as the title character. I think North would make a cool middle name for a little boy.

BlazeFitting for a little trailblazer, Blaze is a word name with a smooth, modern sound.  Blaze is a variation of the French name Blaise, meaning “lisping” or “one who stutters.” Blaze could also represent a burning fire.  A fiery name, fit for a little pioneer. Kate Winslet and Ned Rocknroll used Blaze as a middle name for their son, Bear Blaze Winslet.

Quest is one of the lesser used and braver word names on this list. Perfect for a future adventurer, a Quest is a search or pursuit of something. Quest seems well suited for the child of a traveler or a detective. If you enjoyed Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego as a child, maybe Quest is a name you should consider.

West is my favorite of the four main directional names. A cool choice if you love the old West or the West coast. One of my favorite celebrity baby names is Charlie West, son of David Arquette: West makes an interesting middle name. Another cool alternative is Weston, which is English, meaning “from the Western town.” Actors Nicholas Cage and Jenna Fischer both used the name Weston for their sons.

Jett has such a bold and smooth sound.  Jett is mineral name, a word name for a jet aircraft, and a shade of black.  How perfect would Jett be for a little jet-setting traveler? Whether you’re an aviation fan or want to pay homage to rocker Joan Jett, this is one cool little name!

Easton is rising in popularity and is currently #88 for boys. An old English surname, meaning “east facing town”, we’re seeing this name used for both boys and girls.  Easton feels more usable than East on its own. In 2010 actress Jenna Elfman used the name Easton Quinn for her son.

Journey is a wearable word name that’s perfect for a globetrotter.  Journey also gets major cool points as being the name of a popular American rock band.  There is also a deeper, spiritual quality to what a journey represents. I’ve seen many spelling variations of this name, from Journee to Jurnee.

WilderA surname and a word name, Wilder makes me think of an adventurous dude climbing down the side of a mountain.  Wilder is a name that I think is right on the brink of popularity.  I love the connection to writer Laura Ingalls Wilder and actor Gene Wilder. Pretty cool namesakes.

Safe travels!

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