Happy Second Birthday To Us!

Nameberry turns two today, and we feel kind of like a toddler: We’ve grown steady on our feet, developed a clear voice and distinct identity, and have lots of wonderful new friends! Thanks for being the major part of nameberry’s success.

Our audience has doubled each year, giving us a total of over 5 million visitors since our launch in October 2008. The pages of nameberry have been viewed a staggering 45 million times!

According to Google Analytics, nameberry has reached 228 countries, though that figure is a little confusing since most sources say there are only 195 countries on earth. Possible explanation: Some previously-unexplored and unidentified countries have been visiting nameberry in search of names for themselves.  Or else our audience expands to other planets.

About two-thirds of our visitors are from the U.S., with another 20 percent from the UK, Canada, and Australia. The countries next most populated by berries (as nameberry visitors have dubbed themselves) are India, German, New Zealand, the Philippines, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

Our friends at Ohdeedoh, The Daily Beast, and Appellation Mountain have sent us the most visitors referred from other websites: Thanks, guys!  And thanks too to all the other wonderful sites, from You Can’t Call It It to Reader’s Digest, who’ve featured nameberry, as well as to the brilliant berries who daily dispense excellent baby name advice on our message boards.

Other stats from our first two years:

What’s ahead for nameberry in the next year?

We’re working on a nameberry store, to sell ebook versions of our baby name books as well as some great new goodies you’ll learn about soon.

We’re looking forward to continuing our column for UsMagazine online, and expanding our partnerships with other sites.   If you haven’t done so already, sign up for our daily newsletter now with lots of new exclusive content, join us on facebook, and follow us on twitter @nameberry.

Our engineer Hugh Hunter is working on some top secret technical initiatives even we don’t understand.

And we’d love to double our traffic again as we continue our mission to provide the most honest, enlightened, style-conscious, high quality baby name information on the web, in an atmosphere that’s warm, intelligent, and supportive.

What would YOU like to see from nameberry in the next year?

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