Girl Names: Our 100 most popular for 2013 (so far)

Girl Names: Our 100 most popular for 2013 (so far)

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There’s a new girl in town, and her name is Imogen — the breakout Number 1 among girl names on Nameberry for the first half of 2013.

Imogen unseated longtime favorite Charlotte as our most-viewed girl name so far this year.  In third place we have another new entrant to the girl names list, Harper, which we’ve moved over from unisex given that over 90 percent of the babies named Harper are now female.

This list of Nameberry’s Top 100 girl names is based on over 8 million views of our name pages for the first half of 2013.

Compared with our own baby name popularity list for 2012, the girl names  moving up the fastest are Merida, Clementine, Elodie, Eloise, Francine, Everly, Beatrix, Frances, Kinsley, and Ada.

This list shows the influence of popular culture, news events, and celebrity on interest in names.  Merida was an animated film heroine, while Clementine and Everly were girl names chosen by celebrities and Francine and Frances may be inspired by the new Pope.

And we see names in the lower half of the list moving up on the coattails of their more popular sisters: Elodie and Eloise are rising behind Eleanor, for instance, while Mae and Maisie follow Maeve.  Ada is a new entrant at Number 92, and we predict will move up on the strength of the popular Ava, still strong at Number 12.

While many of the girl names popular with Nameberry visitors also rank high on the U.S. baby names popularity list, others are outliers.  Our top girl name Imogen, for instance, has never been on the U.S. Top 1000.

Here, Nameberry’s top girl names 2013….so far:

1. Imogen

2. Charlotte

3. Harper

4. Eleanor

5. Violet

6. Amelia

7. Seraphina

8. Isla

9. Penelope

10. Katniss

11. Evelyn

12. Ava

13. Maeve

14. Cora

15. Olivia

16. Merida

17. Alice

18. Adelaide

19. Sophia

20. Elizabeth

21. Eliza

22. Aurora

23. Hazel

24. Emma

25. Clementine

26. Evangeline

27. Clara

28. Claire

29. Grace

30. Nora

31. Matilda

32. Elodie

33. Willa

34. Wren

35. Rose

36. Scarlett

37. Josephine

38. Beatrice

39. Ivy

40. Lila

41. Aurelia

42. Eloise

43. Ruby

44. Isabella

45. Caroline

46. Audrey

47. Lucy

48. Mila

49. Maisie

50. Aria

51. Iris

52. Poppy

53. Genevieve

54. Emily

55. Adeline

56. Arabella

57. Mia

58. Everly

59. Margaret

60. Harlow

61. Mae

62. Chloe

63. Stella

64. Emmeline

65. Lydia

66. Lily

67. Francine

68. Ella

69. Jane

70. Juliet

71. Phoebe

72. Gemma

73. Esme

74. Sadie

75. Olive

76. Vivian

77. Cecilia

78. Hadley

79. Cordelia

80. Willow

81. Abigail

82. Beatrix

83. Delilah

84. Hannah

85. Frances

86. Kinsley

87. Anna

88. Luna

89. Georgia

90. Zoe

91. Ada

92. Madeline

93. Maya

94. Ellie

95. Isadora

96. Pearl

97. Louisa

98. Mabel

99. Piper


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Pamela Redmond

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