This Is How You Name Multiples In Style!

This Is How You Name Multiples In Style!

Nameberry’s February birth announcements are in, and we saw a bumper crop of multiples born to our members last month.

Prize for the best twin nicknames… well, ever goes to boy-boy duo Jude and Linus — aka Dude and Lion, as their siblings have dubbed them. Brilliant!

And the two sets of triplets (that must be a record!) announced in February also got super stylish names: Parker, Lucca and Finn, and Elowen, Finnegan and Clover.

For our February-born boys, F names certainly reigned supreme: Finn and Finnegan were joined by Finneas, Fletcher and Franklin (plus Frederik in the middle spot). L also proved a popular initial, with Leo, Lucca, Linus and Lionel all chosen by our members last month.

We already know that Berries are big fans of cool vintage baby names — just take a look at the most popular names on Nameberry right now. But we just love seeing underused vintage gems being rediscovered (and so stylishly, too!) Hooray for Amos and Ambrose, Elspeth and Cordelia, Frankie and Maggie.

Our warmest congratulations to all of the proud new parents!

Here is the full tally of Babyberry births announced on our Forums in February:

Girl Names

Clover Elspeth, triplet of Elowen Snow and Finnegan Jude and sister to Ivory Ada and Caspian Arthur

“This little one was the one who had more problems with her health but she always came back strong. Clover is the name of the “lucky leaf” as Ivy would say, we thought it was really fitting for her since we got really lucky with her health getting better every time. Clover also means “key” and since she is the last one, she “locks” our family perfectly with a key!”

Cordelia Louise, sister to Fletcher James

“We chose Cordelia as I have promised myself I would name a daughter Cordelia since I was about nine. It was always on my mother’s list if I were to get a younger sister. We love our long, feminine names in our family!”

Elowen Snow, triplet of Finnegan Jude and Clover Elspeth and sister to Ivory Ada and Caspian Arthur

Elowen is a name I always loved but I kind of forgot about it until recently someone suggested it and I fell in love with it again. Snow is the name of my husband’s great-grandmother, she was really important to him and he wanted to honor her in a special way by giving her name to our daughter!”

Maggie Olivia

“She’s so perfect and everyone is completely in love with her!”

Boy Names

Amos Frederik

“We decided to go with Amos, even though some friends and family didn’t like it much, because we love it. So far, Amos suits him and family seems to be warming up to it already. Thanks for the advice to just go with the name that we love!”

Connell Gunther

“We wanted to find a name that would be easily pronounced in German and English so my husband’s family could say it, but instead we chose Connell since it was a name that we both loved. We gave him the middle name Gunther, though, and any relatives that have had trouble with his first name have been calling him by his middle name.”

Finn Roland, triplet of Parker William and Lucca Duncan

“Middle name is after Uncle Ro.”

Finneas Oscar

“He’s a leap year baby!”

Finnegan Jude, triplet of Elowen Snow and Clover Elspeth and brother to Ivory Ada and Caspian Arthur

Finnegan and Jude were my husband’s twin brothers’ names who passed away at only one day of life.”

Fletcher Allan, brother to Violet Mabel and Wren Charlotte

“Thank you for the suggestions for our little boy’s name! His sisters are excited to finally have a name for him.”

Franklin Lionel, brother to Edwin Harvey

“Big brother Eddy can’t wait for Frankie to be able to play with him!”

Jude Brian, twin of Linus Eric and brother to Winston Adam, Baxter Ivan and Tilman James

“Brothers have been calling them Dude and Lion, which we think is pretty cute.”

Leo Gabriel Ambrose, brother to Kai Ashton Gray

“Coincidentally he was born during the time of the annual Leonid meteor showers, was born en caul, and was very strong in utero even though he is very little, so I felt that all tied into the lion and strength meanings of Leo. As caulbearers were often said to become kings, Leo was a perfect choice as lions often represent kings and royalty.”

Linus Eric, twin of Jude Brian and brother to Winston Adam, Baxter Ivan and Tilman James

“The twins were born on Valentine‘s Day!”

Lucca Duncan, triplet of Parker William and Finn Roland

“Around the same time that the boys were born, another little boy was born there named Lucca. We hadn’t seen that spelling of the name before and fell in love with it.”

Parker William, triplet of Lucca Duncan and Finn Roland

“Middle name is after Grandpa Bill.”

Reuben Leo

“I found Reuben on Nameberry a few years ago and I’m so glad I got to use it. He’s my little Roo.”

A warm welcome to all of our newest members!

It’s never too late to submit your own announcement (seriously, we’ve received birth announcements for three-year-olds before now!) We love to hear the names you’ve chosen and especially the stories behind them. You can submit yours for inclusion in next month’s roundup here.

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