Fabric Names: Some good material here!

November 2, 2014 TulipByAnyName

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Hobbies are a great place to find fresh name inspiration!  My sewing skills may leave a lot to be desired, but I do enjoy watching design shows and that counts as a hobby, right? In the midst of watching a marathon of design shows I found myself exploring fabric names.

Velvet – A name as smooth and elegant as the fabric it represents.  Elizabeth Taylor wore this name well as Velvet Brown in the 1944 film  National Velvet.  Velvet would make a great alternative to the more popular and similar sounding Violet.

Paisley – A colorful and whimsical tear-dropped pattern of Persian origin.  The association to singer Brad Paisley gives this name a sweet, country charm.

Tartan – Using the name Tartan could be one way to show your Scottish heritage.  It may seem like a bit of a stretch, but Tartan has a similar sound to Titan and Trenton, both of which are currently in the top 1,000 in the United States.

GeorgetteOften made from silk, Georgette is a light, sheer fabric.  Georgette would make an unexpected choice on a baby born today, having been off the Top 1000 since the 1970s.

CalicoThis word name is really fun to say.  Calico is a plain, unbleached, woven fabric.  It may also remind you of calico cats. Alice Cooper used this name for his daughter in 1981.

Suede – A type of leather. Suede could be the perfect name for the child of a rockstar. I definitely picture Suede as the cool, mysterious kid in school. It was the name of a soap opera character on One Life to Live in the 1990s.

Eyelet – With a similar sound to Isla or Eisley, an Eyelet is a tiny hole in fabric that can be seen in lace or used to thread string through. Similar to the Hebrew name Ayelet, as in novelest Ayelet Waldman.

SatinGlossy, passionate, and luscious.  This fabric oozes luxury. The variation Satine was Nicole Kidman’s notorious character in the film Moulin Rouge.

DenimA tough cotton twill fabric that reminds me of jeans.  Singer Toni Braxton used this name for one of her sons.

Lace – A feminine pattern made of many holes.  The name Lacey may be a more familiar choice with a more subtle fabric connection.

If occupational names are more your style then you might also consider Weaver, Draper, or Taylor.


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