Contest: Guess the New Top 10 and Win!

May 5, 2019 Sophie Kihm

If there ever was a holiday for baby namers, it would be the Friday before Mother’s Day. For this is the day that the Social Security Administration releases the data on the most popular baby names of the previous year. This Friday, May 10th, the official list of US Most Popular Names of 2018 will be released at 9:05 am ET.

We know you Berries have good intuition about this, so in this contest we want to hear your predictions for the new Top 10! Will Emma lead the girls’ list for the fifth year in a row? Can Liam hold onto the top spot or was he a one-year-wonder? Which names will enter the Top 10—and which will leave?

As a reminder, here were the top names of 2017:

1. Emma Liam
2. Olivia Noah
3. Ava William
4. Isabella James
5. Sophia Logan
6.  Mia Benjamin
7.  Charlotte Mason
8.  Amelia Elijah
9.  Evelyn Oliver
10. Abigail Jacob

The first person to guess correctly the top ten girls’ names and top ten boys’ names in the correct order will win the prize of a $100 gift certificate. So put your predictions in the comments as soon as you can! If no one guesses the correct Top 10s, we’ll award the prize to the person who in our opinion comes closest.

Contest ends Thursday, May 9th at midnight CST!

And if you’re so inclined, tell us your other predictions, such as new names to the Top 1000 or names with the largest popularity jumps.

Good luck, Berries!

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