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Beating the Baby Naming Blahs

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Where do you start when choosing baby names feels like a chore?

Ashley writes:

I’m not technically looking for name advice (although as you’ll soon see we could probably use help on that front as well), I’m looking for advice on where to start when naming has lost its fun.

With our eldest, we had conversations nearly every day and we had lists galore. This time around … I feel like I’m going to go into labor and then we’ll suddenly realize we have no idea what to name this baby!

We’re over the moon to be having another baby, but every name is just blah. Our daughter’s name is Ivy. It suits her perfectly. We’re Team Green, so we’ll need a name (or two) for each gender.

Basically, I find names that I like and my husband weighs in. He also tends to shoot down every name. Sigh.

So … where do you recommend starting when every name you’ve come across just makes you shrug? Do any of your readers have suggestions on how to get out of this funk?  Had Ivy been a boy, she would’ve been given a name that has since become incredibly popular in our area so it’s really lost its appeal. Are we going to be stuck in a naming rut forever?

The Name Sage replies:

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Their daughter is facing surgery immediately after birth. Let’s help her mama find a strong name for this little warrior!

Ellen writes:

We recently found out that our baby girl has a rare condition that will require surgery and a NICU stay when she finally greets the world.

I’ve always loved powerful female names in history and fiction. Now I need help picking the perfect one for our little warrior! The names on our current list happen to be associated with characters (not purposefully – but they fit!) and I also like names with strong meanings.

Our last name sounds like seal, so any nature, color or S names tend to sound weird (or like a friendly zoo animal) – but I’m open to suggestions!

Current frontrunners:

Arielle – Meaning “Lion of God.” 

Arwen – Not that we’re huge Lord of the Rings fans, but I do love her character.

Cleo – A nod to Cleopatra.

FionaShrek does come to mind, but I don’t mind the association! Princess Fiona is independent and certainly not shallow.

Lydia – Brave and awesome character from Beetlejuice – and also one of the few women mentioned in the Bible, which doesn’t hurt.

Thanks so much for your help!

The Name Sage replies:

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Fresh, Modern Girl Names

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Their firstborn’s name came to them without any difficulty. But if this new baby is a girl, she’s nameless! Can we help Everly’s mama find some fresh inspiration?

Laura writes:

We will be welcoming our second child this summer.  Our sweet Everly Reed will be a great big sister … the only problem is that I don’t think I can come up with a good baby name to follow hers!

Everly was our immediate favorite and Reed is my middle name, so the decision was as easy as could be.

We have already agreed upon a boy name: Wells Robert, but there is no girl name that really has the draw for me like Everly.

Our last name is a long German mouthful that starts with M, so very little flows with it.

The only name that has come up for consideration is Perrie Louise (Perry was my grandfather’s name and Louise is my husband’s grandmother). I’m not 100% sold on it, but as of now it is all I have.

My inspiration pool is drying up. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

The Name Sage replies:

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Name Teasing: How much should you worry?

name teasing

How much do you worry about teasing potential when you consider baby names?

Would you take Astrid off the table, for instance, because you’re concerned about how that first syllable might be spun into a tease? (A discussion about Astrid and name teasing over in the forums sparked this blog.)

Would you or did you rule out a name that’s too unusual or unfamiliar for fear it would lead to teasing? How about a name with teasing potential because of its ethnic or gender identity?

Were you ever teased because of your own name and how did you handle it? Do you think things have changed around name teasing or bullying, with a wider range of names better accepted these days– is teasing largely a thing of the past?

I hope we can all agree that name teasing or bullying should never be tolerated, but does it happen anyway and would it influence your choice of a baby name?

And here are some intriguing posts spotted by Katinka on the forums this week–just follow the links:

— Would you call your daughter “Girl”, even in another language? If Donna and Elle can work… how about this unconventional option?

Royal names like James and Elizabeth are timeless classics, never far from the top of the popularity rankings. But how do you feel about the new wave of royalty-related baby names

— If you love nature names like Rose and River, but want something much rarer, you’ll love these suggestions for totally unique names drawn from the natural world!

— And do you agree with this list of Names No Girl May Be Cool Enough For? Can you see any of these making a comeback?

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Boy Baby Names: Can Remy Be Saved?

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They have the perfect name for their next child – if they can resolve spelling and pronunciation challenges. Can it be done, or should they move on to another choice?

Marie writes:

My husband’s family has a great name that has been passed down (to boys only so far) for many generations: Remy. I love names that aren’t too common, are familiar, pack a good historical punch (either familial or popular history), and feel nice to say.

The only holdup is that the family pronounces it Ray-mee. My husband’s family has been in the US for many generations, originally from Belgium. My mom’s side of the family is very French. To them, this pronunciation sounds like an Anglicized version of the French original (which it likely is). I’m not French enough to feel comfortable committing to the ‘r’ rolling French pronunciation.

So … is there any way we can salvage this name? I think this name could work for either sex and aside from a bit of confusion, no one in my husband’s family would be insulted by a different take on the name.

I think an obvious solution would be to use the “Rem-mee” pronunciation and maybe use the Remi spelling to signal that it is an ode to Remy but a different name. I need some convincing on this though.

Our older son has a name that has two possible pronunciations. I am constantly correcting people. If possible, it would be a bonus to find a name with a straightforward pronunciation and spelling … which might be challenging with this name!

The Name Sage replies:

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