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Strong, Feminine, Uncommon Girl Names

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Katie has a few favorites, but none seem like The Name! What would you name a sister for Dash and Rory? 

Katie writes:

I never anticipated I’d need your help as I was fairly confident when naming my first two boys: Dashiel “Dash” and Rory.

I’m expecting my third baby, who happens to be a girl.  I’m due April 5th and find myself still with a “Baby Girl” Shore-with-an-M to name.

Just when I think I love a name the next day I feel I sort of hate it, and throw it out completely.  Then I put it back on when I re-discover it later.  I’m just being indecisive is all.

My current list is:

Maeve Is it too plain with a one-syllable last name? It’s been on my list since I was expecting Dash.

Cecily – I’ve loved this name since babysitting a Cecily growing up, but I wish it didn’t end with the y sound.

Marigold – But would this work well in an executive office?

Primrose I really like Primrose, especially with the nickname Prim. But I have not seen or read The Hunger Games, and I hear this may be an issue.

I want the name to be at least a little feminine and pretty but strong. I want it to be not too popular and cool, but not weird or made up, either.

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By Claire Shefchik

My parents have been in the same house for 25 years, and I’m not a famous enough writer (yet) that my personal papers have been auctioned off at Christie‘s. So when I got that inevitable command from my mother to “clear out your junk or else,” I dove into my childhood closet for the first time in years, getting rare access to the inner workings of my 6-year-old mind via battered college-ruled notebooks circa 1992.

What stood out most are the names, of course,

Whole lists of them. Hundreds. I must have just sat for hours, listing names as they popped into my head, one after another. Names of future children were just for starters. I needed names for puppies and kittens and ponies (both real and fictional), names for villains and princesses and orphan girls, names for when I grew up and renamed myself.

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By Katherine Morna Towne

We all understand the magic and thrill of the baby naming process—whether you’ve named a baby or have just dreamed of doing so, poring over name lists, choosing your favorites, and arranging first-middle name combinations is fun and satisfying and ultimately one of the first important decisions you ever make for your child. What a gift and an enormous responsibility to be able to choose a person’s name! It can be stressful too, yes, and we’ve all heard stories of name regret and read strategies to help avoid it, or manage it and move on, or start afresh by changing the name, but in every aspect of this process—the planning, the dreaming, even the regret—the focus is almost entirely on the namer (you).

But what of the child receiving the name?

Though none of us would choose names for our children that we think they will hate (on the contrary, we choose names we think they will love, because we do), we all likely know someone who doesn’t care for their name. It’s easy enough to sympathize with a peer or even someone else’s child who doesn’t like their name, but how heartbroken would many of us be if the name we carefully and lovingly chose for our beloved baby was later rejected by that child?

I think there are things parents could do that might help their children recognize and embrace their chosen names.

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They love the name Gus for one of their twin sons. But with a big sister named Hazel, will others find fault with the YA literary reference?

Amanda writes:

We are expecting twin boys in early April and still have not decided on names. Naming our daughter was a stressful experience for me, so now having to name two at once is bringing the pressure.

I definitely want something to complement our daughter’s name, Hazel. Not only is it classic, but with my husband and I both being teachers it is so difficult to choose a name that we haven’t had in the classroom.

We are all but sold on the name Jack. Even though it is a bit too popular for my liking, everything else about the name just feels right. Other names we have thought about include Axel, Archer, Griffin, Grey, Drew, and Gus.

My personal favorite is Gus, however I recently discovered that the two main characters in the book The Fault in our Stars were Hazel and Gus. Now I’m wondering if that would be weird since those characters fell in love with each other. Am I thinking too hard on this? I truly am stuck. Any and all advice would be appreciated!

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Girls Baby Names: Fresh Possibilities

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baby girl names

New girl names needed! Their shortlist consists of Ainsley, Henley, and Waverly, but they’re not sure if any of those is The Name for their new baby.

Julie writes:

I am a few days from my due date and my husband doesn’t seem sold on any of the girl names that we had on our short list. We don’t know if we are having a boy or girl and planned on having a few options for both gender. My husband hasn’t been that interested in discussing names through most of the pregnancy but wanted to go over our list yesterday. Now I feel like I need some more girl suggestions but I’m at a loss for anything new.

The two girl names that he kept on the short list are Waverly and Henley, and we also added Ainsley.

Our top boy name is Drake, and it feels like the right fit since we both came up with the name separately.

He doesn’t like anything too feminine or old-fashioned, so Norah, Adelaide, Davina, Freya, Martha, and so on are all out.

The Name Sage replies:

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