Best New Baby Names in the Top 1000

Best New Baby Names in the Top 1000

America’s brand new top baby names are here!

And while there are some interesting developments at the top of the charts – like Luna ousting modern favorite Harper from the Top 10 for girls – it’s further down the hallowed Top 1000 list that you can really see the trends starting to emerge.

The number of babies receiving a name in the Top 1000 is at a record low: a little over 71% in 2022.

And the gender gap continues to narrow. Boy names, which have historically been much more stable and traditional, are now really starting to catch up with the diversity of the girl name pool.

To make the Top 1000 in 2022, a name had to be given to at least 260 girls or at least 222 boys.

The #1000 names were Kahlani for girls and London for boys, although the names Massimo and Mordechai were also given to 222 baby boys and just missed out on a spot in the Top 1000 for alphabetical reasons.

New Names in the Top 1000

This year, 46 new girl names and 45 new boy names debuted in the Top 1000 or returned after a hiatus.

The highest-ranking new entrant for girls is Amayah, in at #701, which slips seamlessly into the ranks of other popular glide girl names like Maya, Aaliyah, Alaia and Amaya.

And rising almost 500 spots to enter at #587, cowboy cool Kayce is the highest new entrant for boys – boosted by the popular Western drama Yellowstone.

They replace dropouts including fading midcentury stars like Kathleen and Sandra, Howard and Carl, as well as spelling variants that have fallen out of favor, like Kyleigh and Addyson, Juelz and Kole.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most promising new names in this year’s Top 1000. You can also find a full tally of 2022’s new entrants below.

Hot New Girl Names in the Top 1000

The Top 5 fastest rising girl names to enter the Top 1000 this year include several pop culture-inspired choices.

Up-and-coming musician NERIAH boosted her on-trend name into the spotlight: up an impressive 690 spots to #993.

Arlet, which rose 485 places to #741, is a variant spelling of Arleth – one of the fastest rising girl names of last year thanks to Mexican actress Arleth Terán. Her spelling made another huge jump this year too: up a further 325 spots to land at #634.

And luxury fashion label Amiri was a runaway success for girls in 2022, rising 423 spots to #876. Amiri was also the fastest rising boy name of 2021 – definitely one to watch!

Other rapid-rising choices include Wrenlee, a respelling of cool new coinage Wrenley; Georgina, an elegant vintage choice last in the Top 1000 in 1992; and meaningful modern virtue name (and celebrity baby name du jour) Love.

Here, a selection of our favorite girl names from this year’s new intake.


Sweet yet elegant, Belle is a modern favorite in the UK, where it peaked at #229 in 2018. Deriving from the French word for "beautiful", it's a far rarer alternative to Bella or Isabelle, and a great option if you enjoy the delicate Elle sound but want to avoid yet another Ellie.


Michael Bublé and Luisana Lopilato chose this sunny Spanish nature name, meaning "sky", for their daughter in August 2022, and it immediately saw a flurry of interest on Nameberry. Cielo combines the appeal of bright celestial names like Sunny and Luna with a fresh, quirky sound.


It may sound like it hails from ancient Elvish, but this pretty and distinctive option is actually a modern Cornish nature name, meaning "elm tree". Spelt Elowen in its native region, the Y spelling has caught on faster in the US – no doubt helped by the popularity of other names that share this fashionable ending, like Evelyn, Adalyn and Gwendolyn.


This melodious Arabic and Urdu name is among the most searched girl names on Nameberry across South Asia and the Middle East, thanks to its sleek sound and cross-cultural appeal. It also ranks highly in several European nations with a large Muslim population, such as France, Belgium and the Netherlands.


Sassy short form Goldie broke the Top 1000 last year, and now finally Marigold makes its debut! A beautiful bright bloom with vintage flair, this appealing option entered the spotlight after it featured in the hugely successful period drama Downton Abbey from 2014.


A lovely spin on a Biblical classic, Sarahi or Sarahí is an attractive Spanish variant of Sarai: the original Hebrew name of Sarah. It's relatively popular in Mexico, ranking at #136 there in 2021, and is now starting to attract attention in the US too.


One of the quirkiest grandpa names for girls trending right now, Scottie for a girl overtook its male counterpart in 2014 and hasn't looked back since. If you're looking for something even more sparky and surprising than Frankie or Billie, this retro nickname could be for you!


Speaking of old-school nicknames, Winnie is one of the cutest and coolest of the moment, and Winona makes for a pretty and distinctive long form. It would be a particularly perfect choice for a first baby girl, due to its fitting meaning "firstborn daughter".

New Top 1000 Girl Names

And here are all 46 new entrants to the girls’ Top 1000 in 2022, listed in order of popularity.

Cool New Boy Names in the Top 1000

Not one but two Yellowstone-inspired names top the fastest-rising list for boys this year!

Cowboy cool surname Dutton catapulted an incredible 986 places up the charts to rank at #835 in 2022. And Kayce – pronounced like Casey – was the second fastest riser: up 490 spots to #587.

Celebrity baby names Khaza (Kevin and Dreka Gates) and Chosen (Kia Proctor and Cam Newton) also jumped into the Top 1000 for the first time in 2022. Both were put on the map by high-profile parents several years ago, and have been gaining in popularity since.

But it was the release of Kevin Gates' 2022 album Khaza, and the rise of other spiritual word names like Saint, Psalm and Messiah, that really pushed these two into the limelight this year.

Other rapid risers for boys include a whole bunch of era-definingly trendy options starting with K and ending with N, like Kaizen, Kylian, Kolson, Kanan and Koen.

Here, a selection of the coolest boy names from this year’s new intake.


With feminine counterpart Aurelia among Nameberry's most-viewed girl names of the year, it's no wonder that parents are starting to notice this handsome Spanish and Italian option. It picks up the high-energy O ending of favorites such as Leo, Arlo and Mateo, but with added sparkle.


Proof that invented names aren't always a flash in the pan! Cedric was coined by Walter Scott for his 1819 novel Ivanhoe, apparently basing it on the Brythonic form of Caratacus, meaning "loved". It now has a clunky-cool, vintage charm, and a reformed image thanks to Harry Potter character Cedric Diggory, played by Robert Pattinson.


This cozy surname is closely tied, of course, to English naturalist Charles Darwin, originator of the theory of evolution. But its warm sound and winning nickname potential has broad appeal in today's naming climate. Plus, the adorable meaning "dear friend" is difficult to beat!


Manga and anime is behind some of the biggest surprise hits of recent years, including Jiraiya from last year's new Top 1000 list, and now Eren for 2022. Borne by the main character of the hugely popular Attack on Titan series, Eren fits right in with sleek choices like Evan and Soren, and is also a popular Turkish name meaning "saint".


Now the highest ranking form of the Biblical Jairus in the US, this Spanish and Portuguese name follows similar-sounding choices like Cairo and Kylo up the charts. It boasts that cool O ending, cross-cultural appeal, and a wonderful meaning: "he shines".


We've been watching this punchy micro name for years, and it's finally getting its moment in the sun! One of the coolest gender-neutral names of the moment, Lux comes from the Latin word for "light" – like fellow new entrant Luz on the girls' side.


An easygoing Irish surname with a warm, rugged charm, Murphy reenters the Top 1000 for boys after dropping out last year – but we think it's here to stay this time. It's currently more popular for girls in the US, but Irish actor Cillian Murphy could do for his surname what he has done for his now super-fashionable first name.


Single-syllable, S-ending boy names are a huge trend right now, from classics like Miles and James to preppy surnames like Brooks and Wells. Scholarly Rhodes bridges both categories, and was given a big boost by actress Emma Roberts, who chose it for her son in 2020.


Calm yet striking, this spiritual word name was used by Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott in 2021, for their son who sadly passed away later the same year. In Buddhism, Zen refers to a state of deep meditation, in which one can perceive the true nature of things. It's one of the most promising in a new wave of spiritual names rising up the US charts.

New Top 1000 Boy Names

And here are all 45 new entrants to the boys’ Top 1000 in 2022, listed in order of popularity.

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