Berry Question of the Week: Are my favorite names becoming too popular?

baby name Rowan

Our second Berry Question of the Week comes from Blaire, who lives in Asheville, North Carolina.  The mom of infant daughter Rowan (that’s her in the adorable picture), Blaire writes:

“I really would appreciate a little input on trends, since you guys are so good at predicting the next “hot” baby names.

I have always wanted three children and have pretty much known what I wanted to name them for years. My daughter and first child Rowan Jane was born in October 2011 and since then I have been seeing Rowan literally everywhere.  I thought it wasn’t that popular. =(

Since I want to avoid this in the future, my question is about my other two favorite names. My other favorite girl’s name is Wren.. and my boy’s name is Milo. What are your honest opinions on Wren and Milo?  Are they becoming popular and/or trendy?  Do you see them skyrocketing in the near future?

And which other names that might be unusual and distinctive now do you see taking off over the next few years?  I want to avoid choosing names I’m going to end up hearing everywhere!”

So what do you think, berries?  Are Milo (#422) and Wren (not even in the Top 1000) destined for superstardom?  What are some other names that are ready to pop?

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