Baby Names 2010: Top 100 For Boys


Our focus on baby names 2010 continues today with the top 100 boys’ names.

The top seven names remain the same from the first quarter count, with Henry, Finn, and Oliver weighing in at numbers 1, 2, and 3.  This greater stability on the boys’ side echoes the pattern in the overall U.S. popularity list, where boys’ names tend to maintain their places longer than girls’ names.

The fastest riser is Sawyer, with Declan, Simon, Micah, Graham, and Landon also making big leaps.  William also landed much higher on the list — but we suspect that’s our mistake and we missed it last time.  Names that slid the furthest are Kyle, and Caleb.

New to the Top 100 from the first quarter (and marked with an asterisk*) are Satchel, Nico, Nicholas, Xavier (number 101 in the last count), Micah, Graham, and Landon.  No-shows: Hugh, Griffin, and Liev. Also no longer among the top boys’ names are three that may have landed on the list last time around because we mistakenly included searches for the girls’ versions: Harper, Remy, and Rory.

But don’t read too much into which names are moving up and down the list compared with the first quarter. Most shifts are slight and temporary, and it’s hard to find any pattern behind them.  Some classic boys’ names like Michael and Alexander are heading down, for instance, but others such as John, Joseph, and Robert are trending up.  Luke and Luca are slipping down, but Lucas is up. These won’t necessarily translate into long term trends.

­­As we said with the girls’ list, this roster is vastly different than the official list of Most Popular Names in the U.S. The Social Security list is based on all actual births and name choices in the country, while the nameberry list measures which names our relatively style-conscious visitors are most curious about. Plus the nameberry list is up-to-the-minute, while the most recent Social Security list is for 2009.

Consider this, then, a look at which names may be more popular in the months and years ahead. We got some flack when we issued the quarterly list for calling these “elite” names, but we stand by that characterization. On the premise that nameberry’s visitors are better informed about names and have more discerning name taste than the general population (you do, don’t you?), we see these as names favored by parents who are looking for names with style, class, and staying power.

The boys’ Top 100 baby names 2010 are:

1.  HENRY =

2.  FINN =


4. JAMES =

5. ASHER =

6. JACK =

7. MAX =

8. JASPER up

9. LIAM up

10. ATTICUS up

11. JUDE down

12. OWEN up

13. FELIX down

14. WILLIAM up!

15. KAI up

16. MILO up

17. NOAH up

18. JOHN up

19. LEO up

20. SAWYER up


22. MICHAEL down

23. HUDSON up

24. SATCHEL up*

25. LEVI =

26. THEO up

27. ALEXANDER down

28. AUDEN up


30. ROWAN up

31. AUGUST down


33. PHINEAS down

34. RYAN down

35. RHYS down

36. BECKETT up

37. MILES down

38. ELI down

39. ELLIOT down

40. RILEY down

41. LUCAS up

42. ETHAN up

43. SILAS down

44. ANDREW up

45. OSCAR up

46. JACOB up

47. LOGAN up

48. DAVID up

49. ISAAC up

50. MASON down

51. EVAN down

52. JACKSON down

53. DECLAN up

54. THOMAS down

55. DANIEL =

56. ROMAN down

57. KYLE down

58. EDWARD down

59. EZRA up

60. CHARLIE down

61. CHARLES down

62. GEORGE down

63. GUS down

64. GABRIEL up

65. LUKE down

66. TOBIAS up

67. COLE down

68. SIMON up

69. SAMUEL up

70. LUCA down

71. DYLAN down

72. WYATT down

73. NATHAN down

74. PETER down


76. AIDAN up

77. DEXTER =

78. JOSEPH up

79. EVERETT up

80. JULIAN up

81. MATTHEW down

82. ROBERT up

83. IAN up

84. JONAH up

85. NICO up*

86. CALEB down

87. SAM up

88. CARTER up

89. ASH down

90. EMMETT up

91. CALLUM down

92. NICHOLAS up*

93. XAVIER up*

94. HOLDEN down

95. GAVIN up

96. ORION up

97. MICAH up*

98. GRAHAM up*

99. LANDON up*

100. RUFUS =

About the Author

Pamela Redmond

Pamela Redmond is the cocreator and CEO of Nameberry. The coauthor of ten bestselling baby name books, Redmond is an internationally-recognized name expert, quoted and published widely in such media outlets as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Today Show,, CNN, and the BBC. Redmond is also a New York Times bestselling novelist whose books include Younger, the basis for the hit television show, and its new sequel, Older.

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