Baby Name Crazy: Has it happened to you?

Lying awake making name lists in the middle of the night.

Finding a name you love, only to have your neighbor use it for her dog.

Dealing with a partner who has no baby name ideas of his own, yet shoots down all of yours.

Writing one name on the birth certificate, only to change it a week later. And then change it back.

Have you been a victim of baby name craziness? Our message boards and comments are full of crazy, funny, and sometimes heart-breaking stories of baby name obsession, battles, indecision, procrastination, and yeah, sometimes all out insanity.

Has it happened to you? A little, a lot? Did you embrace the craziness or did it hit you unexpectedly, like a tsunami? Did you drive your partner — and maybe your family and friends — crazy about names, or were you the victim of others’ craziness?

Confess! Let’s hear your craziest baby names story. No matter how crazy it is, we bet there’s one that’s crazier.

And okay, go ahead, may you haven’t gone baby name crazy, you’ve just met someone else who has. Feel free to rant!

Photo by Amanda Tipton on flickr.

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