Baby Boy Names: The long and short of it

Baby Boy Names: The long and short of it

A friend is searching for baby boy names that start out long – three or more syllables long – and can be reduced to one-syllable nicknames.

If you’ve got a two-syllable last name, this is a good strategy. You end up with not one but two euphonic pairings. And your child has the benefit of a proper, even imposing formal name as well as a short, friendly, accessible nickname.

Some stylish options for long baby names with short nicknames for boys:

Abraham – Abe or Bram

Alexander – Lex or Xan

Augustine or Augustus — Gus

Balthazar or Lazarus – Zar

Casimir — Cas

Edison – Ed or Ned

Ezekiel — Zeke

Finnian or Finnegan or Phineas — Finn

Frederick — Fred

Gabriel — Gabe

Isaiah – I or Zay

Jebediah — Jeb

Jedediah — Jed

Josiah – Joe

Jupiter — Jupe

Leopold – Lee

Ludovic or Ludovico — Lu

Macarthur, Macgregor – Mack

Matthias – Matt

Maximilian — Max

Nathaniel – Nat or Nate

Octavio or Octavius — Tav

Ozias – Oz

Rafael or Rafferty – Rafe

Sebastian – Bas or Seb

Solomon – Sol

Sullivan – Van

Thaddeus – Thad

Valentine — Val

Whitaker – Whit

Zebulon or Zebediah — Zeb


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