25 Stylish-yet-Unusual Boys’ Names

May 11, 2015 Pamela Redmond
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by Pamela Redmond Satran

Two-syllable baby names ending with the letter n have dominated the boys’ popularity list for several years now.  The Top 20 for boys includes sex such choices: MasonEthan, and JaydenAiden, Jackson, and Logan.  And when you add in all the spelling variations of these trendy boys’ names, the count leaps much higher.

It’s easy to understand why these names are so popular for boys.  They’re strong yet unconventional, at least compared with traditional boys’ names such as William or James.  They sound good with many last names.  And the two-syllable n-ending genre includes many different types of names, from the Biblical (Ethan) to the surname (Mason and Logan) to modern inventions such as Zayden.

In fact, the only real problem with these boys’ names is that they’re so popular.  Many boys’ names have zoomed up the list largely on the strength of this fashionable rhythm and sound: I’m thinking of Dylan, Owen, and Gavin, to name just a few of the more visible choices.

So what if you love two-syllable n-ending names for boys, but you want something more unusual?  Are there any choices left that have yet to be discovered — or at least have not been so widely discovered they’re getting overrun?

An elite selection.  We searched our database and came up with this handsome group of 25 boys’ names that fit the fashionable mold yet are also uncommon.

Which do you like best?

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