16 Super Superhero Baby Names

16 Super Superhero Baby Names

It’s a fact: superhero baby names have never been cooler.

Even without the meteoric resurgence of the Marvel film franchise over the past decade, superhero-inspired names encompass so many of the hottest baby name trends of the past few years: from celestial names (Venus, Nova, Orion) to badass names (Blaze, Rogue, Leviathan) to striking gender-neutral options for both sexes (Phoenix, Solstice, Raven).

And even if your naming style leans more towards the ordinary than the extraordinary, there are still plenty of superb underused options to choose from — after all, some of the most iconic superheroes of all time have answered to Clark and Peter, Diana and Jean.

Here is our pick of 16 of the most stylish superhero-inspired baby names right now. You can also check out our full list of superhero names for more inspiration — let us know your favorites in the comments below!

Arrow: This dynamic word name is shooting up the popularity charts on both sides at the moment, given to 172 boys and 106 girls in 2018. It’s also in the Top 700 for boys here on Nameberry — a good indication of further gains in the future. Vowel-rich and ending in that energetic O sound, Arrow is bang on trend.

Clea: Sister name Cleo is a rising star, especially across the pond in England & Wales, where it entered the Top 200 for the first time last year. But sweet, strong Clea — which shares the impressive meaning of “glory” — remains under the radar.

Crimson: Rarer than Scarlet, and more vibrant than Rose, fiery Crimson is an interesting addition to the palette of color names for babies. It’s usually used for around twice as many girls as boys in any given year, but with that fashionable -son ending, this one feels totally gender-neutral to us.

Dash: This dashing mini-name leapt onto the baby name charts in 2005, the year after Pixar’s The Incredibles hit the big screen. It’s now given to around 300 baby boys per year in the US — more than twice as many as its usual long form, Dashiell. If energetic names are your thing, it’s hard to think of one more dynamic than Dash.

Elektra: Speaking of energetic: here’s an ancient name that feels almost… well, electric. Deriving from the Greek word for “amber”, it would make a powerful choice for parents who are willing to look beyond its mythological baggage.

Indigo: A bouncy bohemian pick that feels perfectly at home on either sex, with cool nickname Indy/Indie coming as a bonus. Indigo has seen a big uptick in usage for both genders over the past five years, now ranking just outside the Top 1000 for girls.

Falcon: There’s been a whole menagerie of wildlife names unleashed on the baby name charts in recent years: from fierce Fox and Bear to sweet Birdie and Wren. Falcon — the name of the first African-American superhero in mainstream comics — would make for a perfect stands-out/fits-in choice.

Jubilee: In the case of Marvel’s teenage superhero, this fun name is short for Jubilation — but we think Jubilee is joyful enough. If you love the rhythm of popular picks like Emily, Avery and Everly, this could be an underused alternative to consider.

Kitt: The name of the super smart four-wheeled sidekick in Knight Rider is also a traditional short form of Christopher — or Katherine, for a girl. Spelling variant Kit is a Nameberry favorite, ranking in the Top 200 for boys and the Top 800 for girls on the site.

Lex: Not a superhero, but an iconic supervillain: Lex Luthor is the brilliant arch-enemy of Superman. Originally a short form of Alexander, Lex could make for an unexpected alternative to Alex or Xander for parents seeking a shorter, fresher form of the name.

Marvel: Captain Marvel is one of the latest superheroes to get her own big-screen origin story, released earlier this year. There’s also a male Marvel in the Hunger Games franchise, making this an unusual and upbeat unisex option.

Maxima: Even if it didn’t belong to a DC superhero, regal Maxima sounds like a name for a strong woman. Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan got this when they named their firstborn Maxima “Max” in 2015, and the ever-elegant Queen Maxima of the Netherlands is another powerful real-life namesake.

Onyx: An intriguing unisex nature name which couldn’t be more on-trend if it tried, with its cool O initial and edgy X ending. Alanis Morrissette used it for her second child, a daughter, in 2016.

Samson: A Biblical name with connotations of enormous strength — even without the link to the muscle-bound DC superhero. Still outside of the US Top 500 for now, Samson is climbing fast, as parents look for a fresh alternative to Samuel.

Tempest: Stormi… with a Shakespearean twist. There are several male superheroes in the DC universe who go by this name, but it’s only ever ranked for girls in the US. Either way, it’s a powerful and unique name for the truly bold baby namer.

Zuri: We predicted a big boost for Zuri following the release of Black Panther in early 2018. And sure enough, it rose sharply last year — but for girls, rather than boys. Its sharp Z initial certainly makes it an eye-catching choice for either sex.

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