10 Marvelous Muppet Names

10 Marvelous Muppet Names

By Meagan, TulipByAny Name

Sesame Street has warmed our hearts since 1969 with its fun and educational program. We’re all familiar with Elmo and Ernie, two of the most lovable and recognizable Sesame Street characters, but here are some other great Muppet names to consider which you might not have thought of.


Clementine is a cowgirl and the girlfriend of “Forgetful Jones

“Oh, My Darlin’” Clementine just re-entered the Top 1,000 in 2014. After lying low for over 50 years, Clementine is definitely ready for a comeback. Clementine is a French feminine form of Clement, meaning merciful.


Dexter is a big juggling Muppet.

An occupational name and surname, Dexter is derived from a Latin word meaning right-handed. Dexter Morgan from the TV Show Dexter may have also introduced parents to this rising name.


Ingrid works at the “Furry Arms Hotel”.

The Muppet character Ingrid was named after legendary beauty, actress Ingrid Bergman. Ingrid is an Old Norse name meaning beautiful.


Simon Soundman registers and mimics sounds that he hears.

Simon is a Hebrew Old and New Testament name meaning ‘the listener’ or ‘he has heard.’ If you are looking for a familiar yet not overly-used biblical name, Simon may be one to consider.


Rosita is a turquoise bilingual Spanish and English-speaking Muppet (shown).

Does a Rose by any other name smell as sweet? There are many lovely forms of the name Rose, including Rosita, a diminutive or nickname for Rosa, the Latin variation of Rose.


Oscar  is the familiar green, furry Grouch that lives in a trash can.

Oscar is an Old English or Gaelic name meaning deer lover. Currently at Number 183 in popularity, Oscar may be a cool alternative to Oliver at Number 32.


Natasha is a baby that speaks in babbles and frequently blows raspberries.

Natasha is a Russian diminutive of Natalya meaning born on Christmas day. Natasha has an exotic yet usable sound to it. President Barack Obama‘s daughter Natasha goes by the nickname Sasha.


Farley is a green boy Muppet with orange, spiky hair.

Fans of the late SNL actor Chris Farley might enjoy this name. Farley is an Old English surname rarely used for a first name, meaning fern clearing.


Ruby is a yellow monster that is fond of experiments.

Ruby is a beautiful, deep red gemstone. The birthstone for the month of July, Ruby is climbing the charts, currently at Number 90. Ruby hasn’t been this popular since 1944.


Horatio the Elephant is an elephant that walks and dances on two legs.

Horatio is an English variation of the name Horatius meaning hour, time, or season. A famous bearer of this name is British hero Horatio Nelson.

What are your favorite Muppet character names?

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