"blessed peacemaker"

Winnifred Origin and Meaning

The name Winnifred is a girl's name meaning "blessed peacemaker".
The double 'n's in this spelling variation of vintage Winifred aesthetically looks closer to the loveable nickname Winnie which is likely the appeal for many parents. Winnifred, along with several other Win names, from vintage revivals Winnie and Winona to modern Winter and Winslow, is on the rise.
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Famous People Named Winnifred

  • Winnifred Eaton aka Onoto WatannaCanadian writer
  • Winnifred Harper CooleyAmerican writer and lecturer
  • Winnifred Quick van Tongerlooone of the last Titanic survivors
  • Winnifred Sprague Mason HuckAmerican journalist and Congresswoman from Illinois
  • Winnifred BonjeanAlpart, teenage NYC,based writer and actor (sister of Gogo and Myrtle)