"white island"

Whitney Origin and Meaning

The name Whitney is both a boy's name and a girl's name of English origin meaning "white island".
Deriving from an English locational surname meaning "white island", Whitney was in rare but regular use for boys in the US until the early 1960s, when actress Whitney Blake popularized it for girls. It received a further big boost on the girls' side in the 1980s, thanks to singer Whitney Houston. Now falling rapidly down the rankings, it could be time to reclaim this one for the boys, if only as a neat way to cool-guy nickname Whit.

20 Names Similar to Whitney

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Famous People Named Whitney

  • Whitney Moore Young Jr.American civil rights activist
  • Whitney MercilusAmerican NFL football player
  • Whitney Willard StraightAmerican racing driver, aviator, and businessman
  • Whitney TilsonAmerican investor, author, and philanthropist
  • Whitney Wesley "Whit" HaydnAmerican magician
  • Whitney Smith Jr.American vexillologist and scholar of flags
  • John Whitney "Whit" StillmanAmerican writer
  • Eli WhitneyAmerican inventor

Whitney in Pop Culture

  • Whitney Conway Ellsworthcharacter on TV's "Deadwood"