Norse, God of law and heroic victory
"warrior god"

Tyr Origin and Meaning

The name Tyr is boy's name of Scandinavian origin.
Tyr is a very early embodiment of a Norse god, typically thought to guide the law, justice, war and victory.

Tyr Popularity

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Famous People Named Tyr

  • Tyrstage name of Jan Erik Tiwaz, former bassist for the Norwegian black/folk metal band Borknagar

Tyr in Pop Culture

  • TýrNorse god associated with law and heroic glory, portrayed as one,handed
  • Tyr Anasazicharacter on TV's "Andromeda"
  • Tyrvillain in DC Comics
  • Tyrcharacter in Marvel comics, inspired by the god
  • Tyrgod in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting of Dungeons & Dragons
  • Tyrcharacter in Danish comic Valhalla, inspired by the god
  • TyrDanish for "bull"