HeartSKAH-dee, SKAH-thee
Old Norse
"shadow, harm"

Skadi Origin and Meaning

The name Skadi is girl's name meaning "shadow, harm".
Skadi is an anglicized spelling of Skaði, a Scandinavian goddess associated with winter, skiing, bowhunting and mountains. This mythological choice is enjoying the limelight of names like Odin and Thor: it first appeared in the US charts in 2017 and is given to a few more girls each year.

Skadi Popularity

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Skadi in Pop Culture

  • Skadi is a Norse goddess of snow and winter who is associated with mountainshunting, and tools of survival in the snowy wastes. She appears in the Poetic Edda, the Prose Edda, Heimskringla, and the stories of the skalds. Her name comes from Old Norse skaði, meaning "harm," and the Germanic skadus, meaning "shadow." One theory suggests that Scandinavia was named in her honor.