"glory to the father"

Cleopas Origin and Meaning

The name Cleopas is a boy's name meaning "glory to the father".

Sharing an etymology with Cleopatra, this masculine form of the name also has biblical ties. Cleopas was one of the men who encountered Jesus on the road to Emmaus following his resurrection. As a child's name, it has been a rare sight. While it does have an interesting history, it's connection to Cleopatra and obvious nickname Cleo could make it seem too feminine for some.

Cleopas Popularity

Famous People Named Cleopas

  • Saint Cleopas (or Cleophas)disciple who encountered Jesus during the Road to Emmaus appearance (Luke 24:13,32)
  • Cleopas DubeZimbabwean footballer
  • Cleopas NcubeCanadian wrestler