Spanish variation of Grace

Gracia Origin and Meaning

The name Gracia is a girl's name of Spanish origin.

Although Gracia is the literal Spanish translation of Grace and is used as the Grace equivalent in Spanish-speaking countries, where it's pronounced grah-see-a, it's also a long-time if unusual Grace variation pronounced gray-sha. You might consider Gracia if Grace is getting too commonplace for you.

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Gracia Popularity

Famous People Named Gracia

  • Tama "Gracia" Hosokawa (nee Akechi) aka Hosokawa GarashaJapanese samurai woman and Christian convert (Her Christian name was the Japanese variation Gracia; "Garasha," but you will most commonly find her name spelled Gracia in her... "modern references".
  • Gracia Mendes NasiSpanish Renaissance heiress
  • Gracia QuerejetaSpanish film director
  • Gracia HarrisonAmerican singer, contestant on season 3 of TV's "The Voice"

Gracia in Pop Culture

  • Graciaminor character in manga/anime Fullmetal Alchemist