Diminutive of Jones, English surname derived from John
"God is gracious"

Jonesy Origin and Meaning

The name Jonesy is boy's name of English origin meaning "God is gracious".
It's difficult to imagine anyone using the first name Jonesy -- and in fact, in the most recent US tally, there were nearly 100 babies named Jones but none named Jonesy. Still, this is a name that many people with Jones for a name, last or first, end up being known by, and as a nickname, it's sorta cute in a Skip, Chip, Bitsy kind of way.

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Famous People Named Jonesy

  • Jesper "Jonesy" KydDanish video game composer

Jonesy in Pop Culture

  • Jonesycharacter on TV's "Carnivàle"
  • Evan 'Jonesy' Jonescharacter on Australian TV's "Blue Heelers"
  • Gary Ambrose 'Jonesy' Jonescharacter in Stephen King's "Dreamcatcher"
  • Jonesy Hechtcharacter in movie "All That Jazz"
  • Jonesyship's cat in movie "Alien"
  • Jonesy Garciacharacter on animated series "6teen"
  • JonesyBritish progressive rock band
  • Coraline "Jonesy" Jonescharacter in the movie "Coraline"
  • Jonesy (female)character in comic "Jonesy" by Caitlin Rose Boyle and Sam Humphries