"guide, leader"

Guido Origin and Meaning

The name Guido is a boy's name of Italian origin meaning "guide, leader".
Guido was very popular in Renaissance Italy, with many namesakes including painter Fra Angelico (born Guido di Pietro) and mathematician Guido Fubini. Guy Fawkes, of gunpowder plot fame, sometimes used this version. Nowadays it's unfairly overlooked, but in the current trend for snappy international names ending in -o, this cultured gem deserves more use.
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Famous People Named Guido

  • Saint Guido Maria ConfortiItalian archbishop
  • Guido Westerwelleformer Vice Chancellor of Germany
  • Guido AdlerCzech,Austrian musicologist
  • Guido Karl Anton von ListAustrian occultist who founded Wotanism
  • Guido Ulrich BuchwaldGerman footballer
  • Guido RimondaItalian violinist
  • Guido Antonio SantórsolaBrazilian,Uruguayan composer and violinist
  • Guido Georg Friedrich Erdmann Heinrich Adalbert Graf Henckel von DonnersmarckGerman nobleman and industrialist
  • Guido PellaArgentine tennis player

Guido in Pop Culture

  • Guido Orificemain character in film "Life is Beautiful"
  • Father Guido Sarduccicharacter created by comedian Don Novello
  • Guidodisparaging term for an Italian,American
  • Guido Mista from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

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