Eos Origin and Meaning

The name Eos is girl's name of Greek origin meaning "nightingale".
Eos -- that's pronounced with a short e like eros without the r -- is the Greek Titan of the dawn. Any ancient name with a sleek modern feel has definite revival possibilities. Eos could be an inventive way to honor grandma Dawn. Eos is also a Welsh bird name that is occasionally given to girls in Wales — pleasingly the nightingale, so this name covers both morning and night.

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Famous People Named Eos

  • Eos ChaterWelsh violinist of string quartet Bond

Eos in Pop Culture

  • Means "nightingale" in Welsh
  • eoslip balm that comes in egg,shaped containers ("Evolution of Smooth")
  • World of EOS Australiaphotography site for Canon
  • Eosa model of car made by Volkswagen
  • EosStar Wars lava planet