Elam Origin and Meaning

The name Elam is boy's name meaning "distant".
Elam is the name of no fewer than eight Old Testament figures. The most notable was a grandson of Noah whose followers were dubbed the Elamites. Elam is commonly used in Amish communities today.

Elam Popularity

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Famous People Named Elam

  • Elamson of Shem, son of Noah (1 Chr. 1:17)
  • Elamdescendant of patriarch Benjamin (1 Chr. 8:24)
  • Elamancestor to some who returned to Judah with Zerubbabel (Nehemiah 7:12)
  • Elamanother ancestor of captives who returned to Judah with Zerubbabel (Nehemiah 7:34)
  • Elamson of Meshelemiah, a Korhite (1 Chr. 26:3)

Elam in Pop Culture

  • Kingdom of Elam (Isaiah 21:1)
  • "The kings of Elam" (Jeremiah 25:25)