"brave friend"

Baldwin Origin and Meaning

The name Baldwin is both a boy's name and a girl's name of German origin meaning "brave friend".
One "bald" name we can get behind, thanks to pioneering African-American author James Baldwin – though the name is now also associated with the Baldwin brothers, particularly Alec.

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Famous People Named Baldwin

  • Baldwin IV, Kings of Jerusalem
  • Baldwin IVIII, Counts of Flanders
  • Baldwin I and IILatin Emperors
  • Baldwin IIVI, Counts of Hainaut
  • Baldwin IICount of Boulogne
  • Baldwin of FordeArchbishop of Canterbury
  • Baldwin de Redvers1st and 2nd Earls of Devon
  • Baldwin Leighton7th Baronet, English politician
  • Baldwin of BiggarSheriff of Lanark/Clydesdale
  • Stanley BaldwinBritish prime minister
  • AlecDaniel and William Baldwin, American actor brothers
  • Cecil BaldwinAmerican actor and podcaster.