Literary invention
"son of all"

Atreyu Origin and Meaning

The name Atreyu is boy's name meaning "son of all".
German author Michael Ende created the name Atreyu for the protagonist of his 1979 novel The Neverending Story. In the original German translation of the book, the hero was Atréju — Atreyu is the Anglicized variation. Atreyu was orphaned as an infant and raised by his village — his name is said to mean "son of all" in the local language.

The name was brought to wider attention when the film adaptation was released in 1984. It made its first appearance on the charts the following year when 5 baby boys were named Atreyu. The California metalcore band Atreyu, who named themselves after the character, keeps the name in the public consciousness. Atreyu has been given to over 100 baby boys each year for over a decade, and 2018 saw the introduction of the variation Atreyus.

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Famous People Named Atreyu

  • AtreyuAmerican rock band from California

Atreyu in Pop Culture

  • Atreyuimaginative character in the film "The Neverending Story,” based off children’s book by German Author Michael Ende
  • Derivative of Greek Mythology god “Atreus” meaning “fearless”
  • German spelling “Atreju” meaning “warrior” and “son of all”