"maize or immaculate"

Anahi Origin and Meaning

The name Anahi is girl's name meaning "maize or immaculate".
The name of a Guaraní princess killed by Spanish conquistadors in Tupi-Guarani legend. A Ceibo tree – the national flower of Argentina – is said to have bloomed in the spot where she died.

The meaning of the name is uncertain. It may be related to the Tupi word for "maize", or it may be related to Anahita or Anaïs, meaning "immaculate". Mononymous Mexican singer and actress Anahí is a famous bearer.

Anahí is also a gemstone name: a variety of quartz with distinctive purple and orange sections, found in the Anahi mine in Bolivia. The mine is said to have been named after an Aroyeo princess who married a Spanish conquistador and was accidentally killed trying to save him from assassination. She is said to have presented him with one of the gemstones as she lay dying – the differently colored halves of the stone representing her heart torn between her love for her husband and her love for her people.
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Famous People Named Anahi

  • Anahí Giovanna Puente PortillaMexican Singer,Songwriter & Actress
  • María Dora "Anahí" Sánchezformer Argentine Senator

Anahi in Pop Culture

  • Anahí MarinGonzalez, a main character in Argentine TV series "Esa no soy yo,"
  • Anahíbaby girl in 2011 Argentine film "Las Acacias"
  • Anahímythological princess of the Tupi,Guaranies