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The name Zuleika is a girl's name of Arabic origin meaning "fair".
Zuleika is a high-wire act of a name that might appeal to the intrepid baby namer, Like most 'Z'-starting girls' names, it projects a cool, strong aura, as exemplified by the character in Max Beerbohm's satirical 1910 novel, Zuleika Dobson, a heroine so gorgeous that the entire student body of Oxford University committed collective suicide at the sight of her.

Though not used directly in the Bible, according to medieval legend, Zuleika was the beautiful and passionate wife of Potiphar, a dignitary in the court of the Egyptian Pharoah to whom Joseph was sold; Zuleika and Potiphar were the parents of Ephraim. She was celebrated in several notable poems.

Zuleika comes with a variety of spellings: model Iman named her daughter Zulekha, there was a Miss Universe named Zuleyka Rivera, Zuleikha is the British actress who played Ilana on Lost, while Charles Bronson stuck with the original Zuleika for his daughter, who became a successful model.

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Famous People Named Zuleika

  • Zuleika Angel Jonesbirth name of Zuzu Angel, Brazilian fashion designer
  • Zuleika BronsonAmerican model; daughter of actor Charles Bronson and Jill Ireland
  • Zuleika AlambertBrazilian politician and feminist
  • Zuleika Kiara SuárezMiss Colombia International 2013
  • Zuleika FuentesPuerto Rican handballer
  • Zuleyka Jerrís RiveraPuerto Rican model and actress; Miss Universe 2006
  • Zuleikha RobinsonBritish actress and singer
  • Zuleikha Yunus HajiTanzanian politician

Zuleika in Pop Culture

  • Zuleikadaughter of the Pasha Giaffir in Lord Byron's 1813 poem The Bride of Abydos
  • Mrs Zuleikacharacter in Rudyard Kipling's short story The Brushwood Boy (1898)
  • "Zuleika Dobson" novel by Max Beerbohm and its main character
  • Zulaikha Noor Mohammedcharacter on Pakistani TV series "Mera Naam Yousuf Hai"
  • Lied der Zuleikasong by Robert Schumann

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