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Gender: Male Pronunciation: eve Meaning of Yves: "yew wood" Origin of Yves: French

The name Yves is a boy's name of French origin meaning "yew wood". Yves and is often added to lists like Artistic Baby Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Names on NB that make you go WOW!".

From the experts:

On paper, with its stylish ties to fashion legend Yves Saint-Laurent (born Henri), Yves looks great, but the pronunciation--EVE-- could lead to gender confusion. German variation Ivo might be cooler and clear up the issue.

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Famous People Named Yves

Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint Laurent, French fashion designer
Yves Camille Désiré Leterme, 48th Prime Minister of Belgium
Yves Montand (born Ivo Livi), Italian-French actor/singer
Yves Allegro, Swiss tennis player, doubles partner of Roger Federer
Yves Klein, French painter and performance artist
Yves Chauvin, French chemist; winner of the Nobel Prize
Yves Ed'duvill Edwards, Brazilian mixed martial artist
(Louis) Yves Fortier, Canadian diplomat
Yves-Joseph de Kerguelen-Tremarec, discoverer of Kerguelen Islands
(Raymond Georges) Yves Tanguy, French painter
Yves Béhar, Swiss designer
Jean-Yves Thibaudet, French pianist
Jacques-Yves Cousteau, French oceanographer

Pop Culture References for the name Yves

Yves Adele Harlow, female character on "The Lone Gunmen" (a spin-off of The X-Files)
Yves Benedict, character in the Benedict Series by Joss Stirling

Ives, Evo, Yvo, Yvon

Yves's International Variations

Ivo (German) Iwo (Polish)


Cormorant Says:


It reminds me a bit of Yves-Joseph de Kerguelen-Tremarec

lemonqueen Says:


o, I see that. Thanks! I like the pronunciation and I actually kinda the spelling.

eveyalecia Says:


The pronunciation is very simple: eev. Like Eve.

lemonqueen Says:


Huh? Can't pronounce it.

_NorthStar_ Says:


A very stylish name. I would consider using this for a boy or girl.

bixbynerd Says:


I think this name is gorgeous. I've met both men and women with the name, and I don't think that "gender confusion" is really a thing…see names like Wren, Sasha, etc… that fit on both boys and girls.

vintageluvs Says:


It's not really pronounced like Eve with a long ee. It's more like ih-ve.