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The name Yehuda is a boy's name of Hebrew origin.
This modernized version of Yehudah could be assimilated further by making it Judah. The name is traditionally given to boys born at Chanukah. It first appeared on the US Top 1000 in 2001.
# 844 in the US

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Famous People Named Yehuda

  • Yehuda PenBelarusian painter
  • Yehuda AmichaiIsraeli poet
  • Yehuda WeinsteinAttorney General of Israel
  • Yehuda BauerCzech,born Israeli historian and scholar of the Holocaust
  • Yehuda AshlagPolish orthodox rabbi and kabbalist
  • Yehuda Joshua GlickAmerican,born Israeli rabbi and political activist
  • Yehuda AvnerIsraeli prime ministerial adviser and diplomat